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Friday, February 18, 2011

fresh baked bread

i just paid over $13 for a small loaf pan. an empty metal pan about 2/3 the size of a standard loaf pan. textured metal. no teflon or silicone or heat proof glass. plain sheet metal with some bumps stamped into it.

i can't believe the price. but i paid it.

my dad, now living alone, is lonely and unhappy. so last week i baked him cinnamon buns in an attempt to cheer him up and remind him that he's not all alone. i spend the day with him in his home, and bake and visit and putter. this week i thought fresh whole wheat bread might be nice. he likes whole wheat. a full-sized loaf would be stale before he could eat the whole thing alone, and i'm gluten intolerant, so there's no sharing. a smaller loaf was required. i pounded the pavement from one shop to the next. big box stores don't carry small loaf pans; they're not common, so there's no profiting from economies of scale in selling them. the only place i could find one was a 'gourmet' cooking store. $12.99 plus tax.

good grief.