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Monday, April 18, 2011

the Maestro

ok. so i have no life. the most exciting thing that's happened is my dog is nearly grown up. and very handsome. this was taken just after he'd had his first complete haircut. Last week as we returned home from a walk we passed the backyard of a burly fellow with a handlebar moustache, who was firing up his barbeque. it was a few degrees above freezing, so it felt like spring. Maestro was doing his dolphin dog routine, diving into the snow banks and running with his nose down and tail up, making a trench in the melting snow. i was laughing at his foolishness, when the burly fellow called from behind me, "what kind of dog is that?" i replied "he's a water spaniel". Mr. Burly called back in his deep, gruff voice, "he's beeeyooodeeefull". made my day.