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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thinking of ice

.... not wishing for more than a few chunks of it in a tall glass, but remembering it. it was very warm here today. the new pup doesn't like the heat. he has such a thick pelt, he suffers in the heat. i give him ice cubes to gnaw on, and wet his belly with cool water. i wish there was a pond i could take him to.... but must wait till he's had his second round of shots (next week) before we can go to all the good places where everyone else gets to go.

ice. i know this will demonstrate just how gauche i truly am.... but i love nearly frozen white wine on a day like today... with ice crystals thickening it... or at the very least, very well chilled wine over ice.

the images are from a pond hockey gig last winter, where the bands play in a big canvas 'beer garden' tent while the sound of skates on ice and sticks hitting pucks punctuates the rhythm of the music. i couldn't resist getting a picture of this fellow playing hockey in a cowboy hat in -15 or 20 C.

i'm not a hockey fan at all, but i love the pond hockey event. it's all about community and outdoor activity and celebrating life in the dead of the coldest month of the year (february)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new baby

Meet the Maestro. He's in his finest concert dress for the photo. My new best friend.... if we survive puppyhood. We both need a lot of training. He's a little whirlwind of energy with a very sharp mind. i'll have my hands full with him, i think.

must go... potty time

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mixed messages

a recent weird, convoluted and deceitful conversation with a new employee and her parents reminded me of these photos, taken when i was stranded in Kansas City, MO last november. it's the mixed messages in the landscape that got my attention.... as with the aforementioned people. the 'free abortion alternatives' next to a church, and shop sign with the name 'it's a dream' nearby.... the brewery and big beer billboard next door to a church with very fundamentalist posters/notices on the door. we're complex creatures - have created a complex society. truth is sometimes difficult to find, let alone communicate to others.

i'd much rather take pictures of mixed messages than try to decode them. i hope she enjoys her unemployed summer.