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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time for Change

I think life may find some sort of balance soon.  I have a little more than a week left at my present job, then I just over a week off, afterwards beginning a new position with an engineering firm.  The job title, no kidding, is 'Office Catalyst'..... which puzzles me somewhat, but also has me really looking forward to discovering how it will play out. 'Catalyst' appears to be the latest buzz word for gender equality in the workplace....  this is from 

For years, Catalyst and others have been demonstrating a correlation between companies with more women on top and higher profits. Organizations are taking notice. Pax World Global Women’s Equality Fund is a US mutual fund that invests in companies that promote gender equality. “When women are at the table, the discussion is richer, the decision-making process is better, management is more innovative and collaborative and the organization is stronger,” said Joe Keefe, President and Chief Executive of Pax World Management and Pax World Funds. “It’s not just me saying this, it’s research saying this.”

Whether this is the idea behind my job title remains to be seen. The fact that there are a good proportion of women there, in engineering and other positions, suggests that this may be the case. Mine is a newly created position, assuming some duties of an office manager, but seemingly with expectation for creative thought and original  ideas.  Writing and editing skills were also high on the list of criteria, as was integration into the existing office culture, and some background in financial reporting.

                                                                                         summer will be spent learning the new job, and puttering in my little yard when the weather is good, finishing up renovation odds 'n ends inside when the weather isn't good. Perhaps a few jaunts with the dog and the kayak to nearby lakes on long weekends  .....a toast to new beginnings. this isn't a picture of Maestro, but it looks so much like him I couldn't resist including it.