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Sunday, December 21, 2008

then and now

sunset, some time around midnight, June 21

sunset, some time around 4 p.m. Dec 21

the north is a place of stark realities. endless night, vs endless day. a complete cycle of life in a few short weeks vs -40 C (the temperature today), where it seems nothing can survive.


susan said...

Your pictures are wonderful and reminded me of one of my favorite films - Dersu Uzala by Kurosawa. Maybe you've seen it but if not, I'm pretty sure you'd love it too. You might want to wait for warmer weather for watching the clip.

All the best of the season to you and remember, now it's the solstice, spring can't be far behind.

Smalltown RN said...

I would have to agree with Susan your photos are lovely...yes winter certainly has hit us all very hard.

I am glad to see your group is having great success with their events....I gather that is you playing the Harp....what a wonderful instrument....I don't play an instrument but ooh I wish I could...and the Harp is one of my favvourites....btw I found you via Claires garden and I am glad I did...funny that my blogging should take me all the ways to Scotland and then back to Alberta my neighbouring province.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Cicero Sings said...

... and I thought we had it cold.

Great comparison shots ... winter light sure is different!

Zee said...

Merry Christmas - and may all your dreams come true in a happy New Year!

Jim said...

Hey gfid, where you been?

You're gettin' as flaky about posting as I am, but now that the short days and the deep snow are here I seem to be posting more.

Thanks for dropping by.

Beautiful Pictures!!!


Then again, I guess I really don't what short days are do I?

gfid said...

su - i checked Dersu Uzala out on utube.... watched a mess of clips and got a kind of scrambled idea of the story.... love the Dersu character. Reminds me of some Luchu indian people i knew in the Yukon. .... and i think i've noticed a little lengthening of the days already.... call me an optimist.... and blessings of the season to you too

smalltown rn - thanks for stopping by, and it's a pleasure to meet you. yes, that's me on the harp. it's a new thing for me, but i'm already in love with the instrument. belated merry christmas to you too, and a happy new year

cicero - the light is slowly increasing, and it warmed a bit for christmas, but the mercury is plummeting again

zee - christmas wishes to you too, and thanks for the promised print.... i'll haunt the post office till it comes

jim - nice to hear from you. yep, flaky.... been doing a lot of performing with my students over christmas. it's a busy time of year for us.... and some big life changes in the works for me.... will post about them soon

lindsaylobe said...

Those beautiful photos no doubt belie the reality of soon such harsh minus 40 degree days. Presumably it’s virtually impossible to stay outdoors for anything other than very brief periods given such extremes?

Best wishes for the New Year.

gfid said...

lindsay - it's -28 C today. cold enough that i cancelled a planned 6 hour drive to spend new year's w friends near Alberta's capital city of Edmonton. i'm curled up on the couch with my slippers on.... thinking of how warm you are in the land of Auz, while we freeze our buns off, planning to toast the new year with a nice sparkling BC cider and go to bed early.

susan said...

Dear Gfid, I can't let the first day of the new year go by without wishing you all the very best for 2009.

Dersu Uzala is in some ways an extraordinary and beautifully photographed documentary about Siberia. I'm not surprised the main character reminded you of someone you'd known in the Yukon. In the film Dersu was the last of his kind.. wise to the ways of nature.

gfid said...

su - i'll keep my eyes out for the whole film... the utube bits are a bit jumbling.

and happy new year to you as well