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Sunday, January 18, 2009

i've been memed

by Susan of Phantasythat. so, from page 64, approximately the 5th sentence, of The Ingenuity Gap, by Thomas Homer-Dixon, here goes:

page 64 is a graph, entitled: CO2 Concentrations and Temperature Have Varied in Lockstep.
this shows temp variations and CO2 levels running almost exactly parallel over the past 450,000 years, as show by Vostok ice core sampling.... so i've cheated a little and given a quote from p. 65

"Experts can't say for sure what effect this increase in carbon dioxide concentration will have on the planet's average temperature. But the Vostok ice cores suggest temperature will rise, and perhaps rise fast. And one thing IS certain: with each incremental ton of carbon we emit from our cars, power plants, and logging operations, we are producing, inexorably, an atmosphere that is significantly different from the one that influenced human civilization in the past. In fact, in the next two hundred years we may produce an atmosphere with carbon dioxide levels that Earth hasn't seen in hundreds of millions of years."

i'm dropping the ball, as my neighborhood is rather small, so am not tagging anyone. if anyone would like to volunteer, i'd love to have a peek at what's on your bookshelf

the funny thing is, i've been thinking a good bit about my books lately. i'm deliberating over what books to move to the ReStore office, and which ones to send to my girlfriend, who's adopting most of them. i need to pare down my possessions. Again. i plan to live very simply. i want my lifestyle to reflect the things i claim to believe in. this means less stuff, which includes, gasp! books! .... and more responsible consumer choices. deja vu! didn't i do this 30+ years ago, when i went to live off the land in the Yukon bush?!


susan said...

Good choice of a book but one with decidedly scary implications. It's not people like us that concern me but that concentration of the population (like the ones we both have been working with) who have carbon to burn and continue blithely doing so.

I already have a lot of my own books in storage boxed and prepared for the day we leave Oregon. Will we move back to Canada next year? It's looking that way so we can have the safety net of guaranteed medical coverage to supplement our savings and small pensions. I'd like to spend more time painting silk and watercolor. I'd like to be more personally useful.

Best wishes :-) and thanks for responding to the meme. I didn't expect you to so that makes it so much nicer.

Cicero Sings said...

Hi Granny!

I was reading a comment you made about being Gluten Intolerant. I have one of their books and just got their newest from the library:

Everyday Grain Free Gourmet by Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass.

In their newest book they talk about celiac disease in the front ... very interesting. Anyway, you may want to check their books out ... I have made mention of a couple of their recipes when we are on the program. I'm trying one of their soups today.

gfid said...

su - i always have a book on the go, and a stacks of them all over the place, so the meme wasn't asking much, really. wow! books already boxed for next year! you really plan ahead. i really hate moving, so 'less is more' has become my mantra. i thought i'd got rid of so much when i moved last time... sigh. thanks for the good wishes. i'll be watching to see how this possible move north goes for you... and i know there are many of us who'd love to see you have more time for your creative work.

cicero - thanks for the tip. it's always nice to keep tabs on what's new in the gluten free cooking world. living alone, as i do, i seldom go to much trouble to cook, as pretty much everything has to be from scratch. so i tend to eat a lot of just fruit and veggies, soups, and roasted or broiled meat or fish. but i do occasionally bake, and freeze things for later.

Mezamashii said...

Hi I'm in Edmonton. Love your blog!