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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

signposts along the road of life

as i make the move to the city, things need to be sorted, gifted, stored and, when all else fails, become landfill. so i took my camera along to the dump with me. there were a few other industrious souls making deliveries there too. and they seemed to think it a strange place to be taking scenic shots. but they'll be great for my Earth Day power point presentation next week, introducing the ReStore idea to the city, and all its associated environmental benefits.... and beginning the campaign to recruit volunteers and contributors. know anyone in northern alberta who'd like to donate a cube van?


susan said...

Landfill really is a strange word, isn't it? I remember a sci-fi book I read years ago where people had jobs mining them.. or was that a story about the Phillipines?

You're the only person I know in Northern Alberta but I'd be happy to donate if I had one :-)

gfid said...

su - yes.... landfill.... the weirdness of our twisted semantics.... as if the land were empty and needed our trash. i'm working up the nerve to talk to a mildly intimidating man who's just retiring from the furniture sales business, and is rumored to have an old cube van he might part with. ...and pallet jacks and dolleys as well.

lindsaylobe said...

I notice most householders react favourably to municipality authorities reducing bin disposal sizes from 240 L to 140L and now 120L whilst requiring recycling (paper, metals, glass and plastic must be placed in a separate single bin) within the reduced capacity restraints.

If it’s not already happening maybe the Restores could assist over there in advising and or designing similar bin sizes and in education on recycling.

Best wishes

gfid said...

lindsay - yes, ReStores are known to take a big interest in recycling programs. we may be partnering with the local landfill administrator/recycling depot, which i think would be an excellent match. the education angle is well worth giving some thought as well, thanks.