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Monday, August 24, 2009

ReStore's funky thing for September

Since such a lot of really interesting stuff has been coming into the store, i've started a stash. i'm hoarding the really great stuff - especially antiques, for a monthly silent auction. the pump organs will go to a better place next week, and this lovely item will be the next great thing. also donated by the donor of the pump organs. he had a lot of really swell stuff.


Seraphine said...

a collapsible sceptor?

susan said...

or perhaps a decorative toilet paper holder?

gfid said...


and i don't believe for a minute that you both didn't know that ;0)

Seraphine said...

Lol. I confess.
but what fun is a doorknob without a little imagination.
isn't susan awesome?
even if it *is* a beautiful doorknob on its own.

Gary said...

I've lived in a number of places with those lovely door knobs.

Also could be used as a royal object in a primitive tribe.

susan said...

You know one of the coolest things I ever lost among all the things I've picked up and carried around over the years was a glass towel bar. Nearly an inch and a half thick with solid brass fittings that enclosed either end it was symbolic of a bathroom I hoped to have one day in a secure house of my own. There's something magical about objects that were made with care.

(thanks for that remark, sera)

Seraphine said...

(you're welcome, susan)

gfid said...

sera - yes, it's beautiful. and imaginative. and another one showed up on Friday, so now i have a pair of them!

su- funny how in our north american culture we value our own work so much that we expect to be payed very well for it, but don't value the work of others, particularly if it's 'manual' work, enough to pay them for their work as well as we expect to be paid for our work. beautiful things take time and skill to make, so we shop at WalMart

gary - it IS a royal object to my primitive ReStore tribe ;0)

lindsaylobe said...

Good luck with your silent auction –your advertisements could link to your blog with pictures of the items, if you wished.
The article -
(doornob) looks rather exquisite!!

Best wishes

gfid said...

Lindsay - thanks for the good wishes.... i do advertise things from the ReStore online, @ free sites. and now that i've passed the break even point and am making $, i'll have some money for promotional stuff.

Shakespeare's Cousin said...

This is beautiful. When I was a kid I used to visit a house that had doorknobs like that. I can't remember whose house it was, but I think it might have been a relative of my cousins (on the other side of their family). I was always amazed at how those fragile looking doorknobs managed to hold up to a bunch of kids pulling around on them. I guess they are stronger than they look.

clairesgarden said...

its beautiful, it seems modern things do not need 'craft', probaly why they have no 'beauty'