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Friday, March 25, 2011

Art for Humanity

We're gearing up for an Art for Humanity show for Earth Day, featuring sculptures made from recycled materials from our ReStore. I gave 6 sculpture students from the local college $50 each to spend at the ReStore, with the agreement that they would donate the resulting works to a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Here's what they came up with.


susan said...

What a great idea for a fund raiser and the kids seem to have enjoyed themselves too. I especially like the bat-bird and the re-purposed fan. I'll keep my fingers crossed you get lots of support from the community.

gfid said...

su - i'm looking forward to the event, and crossing my fingers that it'll come off well.... just had a nasty email today from someone involved with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, 'apalled' that we are serving wine. do we have any idea tha harm that is caused by alcohol in our community.... have opted to ignore her - temptation was to reply "alcohol hasn't done the harm, people have. perhaps we should just get rid of people?"

susan said...

Maybe you should email her back with the suggestion she stand outside one of the local bars with a sign. I think closing time would be good.

lindsaylobe said...

Congratulations on holding your ‘Art for Humanity show ’ which I guess is what art is all about and works well with well with the community involvement. Are you going to play the fiddle to complement their art over say a morning or afternoon tea or maybe ask one of your students to play a piece or 2 in the background.
Best wishes

Seraphine said...

fun! i love that you support the kids in your community and encourage them to be creative and giving individuals.

as to the person who emailed you, i have some compassion because my father was an alcoholic. i'm sorry that they had to express themselves by being 'nasty' about it, however.
don't let it ruin your event. stay positive. you are doing a good thing.

susan said...

Has spring arrived there yet? I hope you and Maestro are enjoying some long walks and relaxed evenings. Music would be good too.

gfid said...

su - i chose to leave her be. i remember being just as reactive once. some signs of spring.... pussy willows are mewling pathetically in the blasted cold. we had 5 inches of snow one day last week. supposed to warm this weekend. not much relaxation happening with the ReStore understaffed and my dad living alone now.... but lots of walks with Maestro.

lindsay - yes there was fiddle music... and i took the harp, but had no chance to play it.... too busy. but the event was a big success.

sera - yes, my mum was an alcoholic too. i didn't start any fights over the email from the fetal alcohol lady. the event was fab, and no one had too much to drink. and the local paper came and did a feature article on the students, so they got do to a real live press conference - they were very excited about being celebrities. it was all huge fun.