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Monday, April 30, 2012

What I've been up to

We've just celebrated Earth day, here in Grande Prairie.

The sculpture students at the local college collaborate with our Habitat for Humanity ReStore to provide items for auciton at this event.  We give them materials from the ReStore for one of their assignments, and they donate the finished work to our Earth Day fundraiser.  I'll post pictures of the students' work soon.  They're delightful. 

    What you see here are my contributtions to the art sale.  I'd saved some bases from pedestal sinks whose tops had broken, and odd bits of other things to make basins for the tops... and hey! voila!  birdbaths!            The theme being Earth day, we focus on the idea of spring, and the outdoors.  Gardening items are popular. 
This first one started with an unique base whose top had got knocked over in the store and broken.  The new basin is made from the glass shade from a large overhead light whose electrical bits didn't work, and some cobbelestone marble tile.  the perches are copper cabinet hardware, and a curtain finial. 


Birdbath #2  has a colonial styled white porcelain base.  The basin for this one is also the glass from a ceiling light, with a leaf design mosiaic made from glazed ceramic tile. The top image shows a closeup of the mosaic lining of the basin.
                                                            The last image is of a birdbath made from a very plain porcelain base and a satellite dish basin.  As there was no interesting detail on the base, I covered it entirely with pebbles  and broken marble tile.  The basin has a channel of pebbles something like the curving line on the base, for a bit of subtle contrast and design interest.  It was a treat to make some time for creative things.... it's been far too long.

All together, they brought in just under $500 for our next Habitat home build.... that'll buy a window or 2      :0)     


Cicero Sings said...

Very creative. I especially like bird bath #2.

Nice to see a post up by you. I know, I should talk. My posts are getting further and further apart. Just not much exciting happening in my life.

susan said...

I can see you've been keeping yourself very busy with more than just Painting Your Wagon and going to work every day. Did Maestro help withe the picking out of the special pebbles? I hope he was doing his part. The results really are very nice indeed and well worth the money they brought in at auction.

It's good to know springtime has arrived in Grande Prairie. May your days be filled with light and laughter.

gfid said...

Cicero - nice to have a visit from you. you must be a lady of impeccable tasete; #recieved the highest bid!

Susan - yes, busy unto exhaustion. since the play closed, i find myself falling asleep every time i sit down... I'm thinking i'll have to make a birdbath for my little back yard now... especially since I might have some spare time on my hands over the summer.... i've just been offered a new job with better pay :0) !!!!!

clairesgarden said...

glad you've got spring coming your way, I love watching birds splash in a ath, one of the best ones I had here was a disgarden bin lid that lay where it fell for a good while.

gfid said...

claire - yes, things are beginning to green here... but today a very cold wind feels more like winter than spring. i think i'll have to make a birdbath for myself, so i can enjoy the birds too.