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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A short holiday on Lesser Slave Lake

How the time flies..... especially in summer.   Several weeks into the new job, which I think is going well, and i happened across the pictures of my brief holiday @ Lesser Slave Lake, taken just before I began the new job.  

This is the inside of  my lovely lakeside carriage house / cottage.  It's a historic old building, with 3 generations of local history.  It's attached to the 'big house', but entirely self contained and private, with its own small lawn, barbeque and fire pit.  these windows look out on the lake.  I brought my harp along, as I had several upcoming playing engagements, and was badly out of practice.  What i didn't think to bring, in my rush to leave home, was my tuning tools, so it was so badly out of tune with the change in humidity and the warm weather we had, that it was virtually impossible to play.  .... but still highly ornamental.  

And here's Maestro, feeling very sorry for himself on a kayak paddle along the shoreline.  He'd much rather be leaping through the waves than sitting quietly in the boat watching them.

                                                                He discovered that the window ledges were perfectly sized for a large-ish dog to sit on and gaze wistfully out at the lake any time a thoughtless human ignored his pleas to go exploring.  (the lake is the blue you can see beyond the lawn and shrubs)

The beach was so private, I took to walking him along it late in the evenings, just before bed, in my pyjamas.


clairesgarden said...

it looks lovely, i really like maestro's curly hair, he looks very waterpoof.

Cicero Sings said...

Looks like a very lovely, peaceful place for a holiday. What dog wouldn't like a widowledge viewpoint like that!

Funny how we go through all the hassle of bringing things along to do ... and we never get around to doing them ... yes I know it was because you forgot the tuning tools but just saying.

susan said...

I don't do the rss feed thing and somehow hadn't dropped by to see if you'd put up a new post this past week. What a treat it is to suddenly see these wonderful pictures you took on your holiday. The little house is indeed very pretty inside and the view from the windows is marvelous. I laughed to see Maestro looking disgusted while wearing his lifejacket. After enbiggening (:-)) the pictures so I could see them even more clearly I hardly need to imagine just how beautiful it must have been there and can almost hear those loons singing.

A couple of days ago we got a happy shock when one flew across our path in the park. Neither of us had seen one before.

linda said...

right about now, this looks wonderfully serene! xxx

linda said...

just popping in to say hello. I never get to see you unless it's on S. blog! come have tea at my new digs one day soon.....I might have GF cake or something equally weird! xoxo