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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Summertime, and the livin' is easy.... 
perhaps, but northerners tend to go into high speed during the short season of warmth.  The garden, even it it's small, takes high priority - it won't be there to enjoy for much longer now. Already the days are noticeably shorter, and the nights so much longer, darker, and cooler.
Spring and summer are the best time to open windows and get painting done - it won't be long before the windows are all closed against the cold wind.  Three of the four rooms at Miramichi House are now repainted, with new area rugs, arm chairs and writing desks.

Summer is also the favored time for weddings.  These 'quillows' are now happily residing in the home of my niece and her husband.  For those who haven't come across them before, quillows are small   quilts that fold up into a self-pocket, becoming......

So much easier to wash than a throw cushion, and so cozy to cuddle up under to watch a movie or read a book.  

This one is a baby quilt, for the newborn son of a young man I've known since he was just a lad.... he's now my carpenter at Miramichi House - he's just completed the stairs to the attic... more on that another time.

And there's the landscaping yet to do, dog walking that never loses its urgency,  visitation of elders in hospital, wedding gigs and preparations for the looming long dark. 
It's all just a blur, really.
....and there are 5 turtles who've been put on hold....  Back soon to write the last installment of their story.


susan said...

The flowers decorating your patio garden are delightfully pretty. It's always surprising to see such fancy growth in areas where the weather can get so cold. The same thing happens here and so far every summer has amazed me with lush greens and flowers of every variety. Of course roses don't perform quite so well as they do out west but there are still lots of them to admire.

I know you've been very busy and can see from the results you've shown, you've been very successful too. The new baby quilt is wonderful.

You know I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the turtle story, but I'll be patient. There's a story of one turtle here who's being as slow as might be imagined.

May your walks be long and lovely.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh yes, the summer is busy! By the end I am looking for the snow to fly so I can relax! LOL

Love the quillows. A good idea for presents as they are not too big. I'll have to find a pattern. Someone gave me one and it lives in the car.

clairesgarden said...

your garden is lovely, the quillows are a nice snuggly idea, very pretty too.

gfid said...

Susan- many flowers thrive here if they like cool nights and lots of sun. Of course most annuals have to be started indoors long before the ground is warm enough for them. Roses...sigh... In my dreams. I'm pleased that you like the baby quilt. Some good friends are having a grand- boy, so must start another soon. Not many walks of late.... Painting the exterior of MH.

Cicero - I feel the same way about summer's busy-ness.... But I'm fickle..... Tired of the snow not long after it comes. If you make a quilt of 15 squares (3 x 5) and a 16th square for the pocket that's really all there is to it. Sew the pocket onto the under side of the finished quilt, good side down.

Claire - I'm pleased With the garden, thanks. It was a rutted weed patch when I first moved in. I like the quillows because they're easier to wash than pillows, and one can always use an extra quilt!

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi granny fiddler
You seem to be busy as usual with great handiwork and I also trust you’re continuing to enjoy performing all those “gigs”:
Best wishes

gfid said...

Lindsay - yes, busy seems to be a lifestyle for me. Presently getting ready for a harp gig @ my local library for Alberta Culture Days. Big fun.

Lovely to see that you've been by.

linda said...

how lovely is that little patio! i somehow didn't see this latest post but usually stop in here if i wander over to susan's phantsy place. looking forward to those turtles... the home is coming along "swimmingly" :)

blessings and i hope the sun shines there as long as is possible for the sun. xoxox and that's pretty long.

linda said...

and i love the little quillows... a lovely idea! xox

gfid said...

Linda-not much online time of late.... So good to see that you've been by. Am presently working on another quillow, baby quilt, and a house warming quilt for a friend..... And trying to learn to paint with acrylics.... On top of renovating Miramichi House and working for a living..... My youngest son said recently to me... "No rest for the.... Awesome" with a big grin. Sweet boy. Must turn in, as I have a road trip and violin lessons tomorrow morning. Be well.

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