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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Quilts!

February already?
.... most easily distinguishable by its lovely increase in daylight, and depressing decrease in daily temperatures.  But I want to talk about something more pleasant than the weather.  
With all of the space at Miramichi house, I finally have a sewing area that can STAY a sewing area.  Which means sewing happens on a semi-regular basis.  

Here are my latest accomplishments: 
a quillow for youngest son;
 Colors in the outdoor shot are not very true, for some reason, so imagine the colors of the folded quillow above, in the full - spread out image below.   

This one is a baby quilt for the newborn son of one of my daughter's employees. color also not great.... very washed - out, as it's actually quite bright.   

And lastly, a baby quilt for the grand-boy of my dear friends Margaret and Gerard, who posed for me with it before we sent it off to Saskatchewan.


susan said...

Amazingly lovely pieces, my friend. How you ever find the time with everything else you do is remarkable. I'm sure everyone is very pleased with the results.

linda said...

Beautiful work. I love the baby quilt your friends are so fortunate to now have. I hope the baby is a neat freak! ;)

Hoping winter didn't get you too down and it warms up soon. The weather seems weird all over these days.


gfid said...

Susan - your praise warms my heart.... time, i am beginning to believe, is a relative thing, there seems to be little connection between how much 'free' time we have and how productive we are... and i seem to have a need to see concrete, tactile results from my efforts... when day-to-day life doesn't produce this, i'm driven to find ways to convince myself that i'm productive. They do all seem pleased with their quilts. Even techno - son is delighted with his bits of recycled fabric. There's something about a hand - made quilt, isn't there, that makes us feel loved.

Linda - the artsy fartsy snob in me places much more value on praise for my efforts, when it comes from such as you and Susan... i'm glowing from your kind words. They all seem very pleased with their quilts. baby quilts are such fun, because they don't take months to complete, and mean so much to the recipients. i haven't yet met a baby who is a neat freak :0) .... and i'm sure this one will conform to the norm. part of the beauty of a baby quilt for me is seeing it years later, threadbare and ragged, because it's been importat to the recipient, and used constantly. i don't want my quilts to be kept in pristine condition.

winter continues. the sun today is brilliant and the sky a bottomless blue... a good indicator that temps have once more plummeted. Weather is indeed weird all over the world. our share of it so far has meant less desperately cold winters than should be expected, but i know the weather in your stompin' grounds is of great concern. blessings

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