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Sunday, March 15, 2015

8 1/2 Right , and friends

Been a coon's age since I've been by.... seems like another life.  One of the lovely things about blogging is the last thread can be picked up and attatched to what follows reasonably seamlessly.  So here, following on the heels (couldn't resist) of 8 1/2 Left, is 8 1/2 Right.  In this view you can see the city buildings, the figure at the bottom of the stairs walking his/her dog, and the flock of birds against the night sky
This frame shows the staircase on the instep, more high-rises against the night sky, and, if you look closely, a couple on the balcony of the penthouse suite. 
It seems to be difficult for many to recognize anything done to a shoe as art, so, though they've been getting some attention, the oft repteated question is "why not a pair, so I can wear them?" 
My response to that is below, in the form of: "Once I was a Mermaid"; "Green Footprint"; and  "Light My Fire," presently on display in the 'Elemental' show at a local art gallery.

 Once I Was a Mermaid
Green Footprint
 Green Footprint closeup
Light My Fire


susan said...

I suppose a foot fetishist could wear just one and pretend the other slipped under the bed.

As art objects they look really wonderful. 8½ Left is beautiful but your technique has improved enormously with 8½ Right and the others. I like the little house they inhabit too. Will there be shoe trees in the garden?

gfid said...

I thought Right was a better job too... i'd learned some things about the limitations of the medium from Left by then. thanks for the encouraging words. they mean a lot, coming from you. shoe trees in the garden :0) the imagination runs wild!!!

Gary said...

These are terrific - love the one with the tall building. You're very well-heeled.