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Thursday, February 4, 2016

post - Christmas in the Yukon

On a Christmas visit to to the Yukon, we stopped at Five Finger Rapids to let the dog stretch his legs.  It was a beautiful day, very mild for the north, at +2C.  This Raven spotted us stopping and came by for a visit. No doubt he was hoping we'd stopped for lunch.  This was as close as he'd let us get before he took wing.  


Gary said...

Lovely post! Something to be said for crisp winter snow and a frisky raven.

susan said...

He's a handsome fellow, isn't he? I always keep a little bag of peanuts in my pocket just in case I run into a friend. Of course, for the other friend I keep a little flask of Remy in the other pocket.

gfid said...

Hey, Gary! nice to hear from you! It's February now, and the snow is getting a bit old. The only way to survive till things green up is to fire up the grow op and get some tomatoes started!

Susan - I wondered at the time if he'd have left so quickly if I'd had a bottle of Remy to share :0)

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Gfd
I recently watched a documentary on the Yukon, and it’s certainly an amazing place to visit – the weather permitting!! Your dog must be a mature adult by now? I think I remember pictures taken when just a puppy- quite a few years ago.
Best wishes

clairesgarden said...

no snow here just now, just constant endless rain. I don't like either much. keep warm and dry. x