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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i believe she's 9 metres tall (about 30 feet) sorry i'm lean on details.... a bronze statue, very controversial..... the artist admires the subject, and says its fine qualities remind her of her mother.... i'll say no more till i can get blogger to upload the image... he's balky today.

staying with friends with 2 1/2 year old twins and a new baby... the urgent details of life involve diapers and potty training and doing puzzles together on the living room floor.... but mum and i did get out briefly to the national gallery to see the Joe Fafard show (fabulous!) maman is the name of this sculpture, which stands outside the national gallery's main entrance.

as blogger refuses, after several tries, to load the image... will try later


kate said...

Now I'm envious - I saw the Joe Fafard show here. At least I think it is the same one on tour. He is such an amazing artist ...

Have been thinking about you and will write. It sounds as if your holiday is going well.

I'm curious about the statue - is it recent?

susan said...

Okay, I googled it and remembered seeing a picture from NY. Now that's one scary looking Maman.

clairesgarden said...

sounds like you're having a good escape! hope your kitchen gets mad more livable soon.

kate said...

Oh and I love your new profile pic. That is beautiful.

grannyfiddler said...

Kate - the Joe Fafard show was gorgeous. there's a bigger-than-life foal @ the entrance... will post a pic soon. more about the statue soon too. the trip was everything i needed it to be... most excellent.

Susan - she's not as scary as my step-maman! will post picture soon.

Claire - the textured wallpaper for the ceiling arrived while i was away, so that will go up this week, i hope.... but the cabinets will be another month.... sigh. and the floor won't be done till after the cabinets go in. the trip was wonderful. will post about it soon.

grannyfiddler said...

kate - oh! the profile pic... thanks! that's my fiddle, taken at a recent gig @ Java Domain in Peace River. i'm told she's about 200 years old, made in the Amati style, in France.