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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


the upcoming weekend is pond hockey weekend all over Canada. in our neck of the woods i's happening on a local lake, all weekend, with uncounted numbers of teams participating. there'll be a tent with a heater in it for beer and snacks, and live music... including yours truly and the irish band i play with. the photos here are from the grand opening of the addition to the pub we do St Paddy's for each year. they'd renovated and expanded, because the Fire Dept threatens to shut them down every St Paddy's for exceeding seating capacity. i guess that's a sign of success for them AND for us!


susan said...

Very nice pictures throughout and music a good way to stay warm.

susan said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting. I'm a Canadian too - raised outside Toronto in a house overlooking a little lake where we skated and even had wrecked-car racing derbies once the ice got thick enough. You're reminding me of how much fun true-cold winters can be. Nowadays I live in Portland where winters get overrun with rain and encroaching woodland moss.

Gary said...

Looks and sounds like fun!

Did you take the photo on your blog heading page? Ahhhh, those lights.

kate said...

These are wonderful - I hope someone the pond hockey tournament records you so we can listen.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and your fingers will be nimble with the fiddle.

It looks as if you all have a good time!

gfid said...

susan - Oregon winters are overrun with ivy too, by your last post! i'm having a hard time seeing that as a curse, as i look out my window at 4 feet of snow. yes, the pond hockey was huge fun, and the weather was perfect.

gary - no, i confess the photo is borrowed from a slide show that was going around. i don't know how to run my new camera well enough yet, to do northern lights. but the picture is pretty typical of a good light show here. pondhockey=bigfun

kate - the weather was incredible. sunny and just the right temp. no recording, though they blasted the live music all over the lake. it seemed to go over pretty well.

Gary said...

Have a good safe trip to Ottawa. If you see Steve and Stephan, knock there noggins together and say hi for me.

lindsaylobe said...

Beautiful photos in the previous post, such cold conditions as -40 are beyond my imagination.
I love the Irish bands and you all look rather relaxed and confident. Any chance you could include a recording on your blog for us?
Best wishes

gfid said...

gary - if you hear of some crazy alberta woman getting arrested for assaulting the P.M. keep in mind that she's expecting you to post bail.

LL - i do have the technology.... just haven't mastered the skills, but i'm learning fast ;o) ..... and 40 below is one experience i'm guessing you're happy never to have had.