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Saturday, May 31, 2008

going potty north of sanity

the vitally healthy specimen you are admiring is a Parkland apple tree, developed with northern gardeners in mind.  it's reliably hardy to zone 2, with care.  Waynorth is rated as zone 2.  This magnificent Malus produces perfect pommes very like a Mac apple. they're sweet and crisp and of medium size.  

he and his twin (maybe his clone?) now reside on the west side of my 78 year old house, toes tucked comfortably against the foundation.  after i've reviewed the process of espalier for fruit trees, and built the necessary supports, they will be trained with their sturdy arms spread against the house, hugging it for protection against the cruel grasp of our vicious winters.  

my house is a tree hugger, much like me.  she's one of the oldest buildings in this little cowtown, built when the railway first laid tracks through northern alberta. i'm certain i heard her give an audible sigh of relief and a faint moan of pleasure when i began to remove the layers of grime and bad taste left by decades of transient dwellers. as if i'd scratched her right where the itch was. there are gnarly, obstreperous lilac bushes against the southwest corner of the old dear that are probably as old as she is.  i hauled 2 truckloads of their trimmings away last spring.  very soon they'll be filling the studio room where i give lessons and practice my music, and whose windows they screen, with the heaven-scent of summer.  they'll be good company for young Malus, if i can teach them some manners.


susan said...

Oh my! What a beautiful tree and how happy she and the house will make one another through the many years to come. I'm delighted I'm able to drop by to share a moment of tranquil harmony with you.

gfid said...

su - it's a match made in heaven.

lindsaylobe said...

I can appreciate all of the hard work you have undertaken in restoring her to her natural beauty; presumably also they don’t build homes to day of the same sturdy materials.
A beautiful tree, which can now hear new delightful tunes and vibrations from one artful owner

Best wishes

kate smudges said...

The Parkland apple trees are popular here - I love the scent of the blooms.

I'd love to see some pictures of your house now that you've restored it!

gfid said...

kate - the parkland apples are popular here too, but not boisterously productive unless well cared for and protected. i'm hoping i have them in a good spot. i'm putting up the last of the tile in the kitchen this week, and grouting, so will post pictures when that is done.

clairesgarden said...

lovely to have fruit trees. and the lilac will be fabulous, mine is flowered and finished here.

gfid said...

claire - the lilacs are just beginning here now. i have dark and light lilac colored ones, and a white. with the windows open, the house smells heavenly.