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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

inaugural meal

many thanks to Cicero for posting the mouth watering photo, and delicious recipe for bangers and mash.  it looked so fine that it was the first thing i thought of when my kitchen was finally functional again. this photo is my own rendition of said delicacy.  my 7 year old granddaughter was here for the weekend. when i told her i was making bangers and mash for the evening meal, she looked at me through her eyebrows and said, "you're kidding, right?" she opted for nacho chips and cheese dip instead.  she doesn't have her granny's appreciation of peasant food.  

it's been a long grind... since January. the kitchen is not quite finished.... still the last bits of tile to put up and grout, the last of the bead board, and trim, and a final coat of paint on those.  but the cabinets are in, and the floor and new windows and door.  the boxes that had taken over the dining room all winter are gone.  emptied into those lovely new cabinets.  the cardboard will help mulch the paths between the raised  beds planned for the garden.

server very twitchy.... will post picture later


susan said...

I wish I could use all the plastic trash we carry home in our recyclable-reuseable grocery bags. I won't buy plastic if it can be avoided but even so the stuff is endemic to our culture.

I'm happy to hear your kitchen is nearly finished and your garden in underway.

gfid said...

hi, Su - not on line much at home of late.... internet troubles.... i think i've narrowed it down to my cable, so will try a new one. i know what you mean about the plastic... i'd call it epidemic. i did hear not long ago of a gega-composting operation that actually used shredded plastic grocery bags in the mix. they claimed it sped up the composting process!!!!

lindsaylobe said...

Bangers and mash sound great to me, but if you don’t mind I will pour some virgin olive oil over the top!!, subject to what's in you recipe.I add it to just about everything these days in preference to butter and or margarine. How come you have a 7 year old granddaughter, that’s disgusting for such a youthful fiddler, but then looking around at the Welsh Choir the other day I can only conclude music as they say is for the BODY and soul, its sounds and vibrations must help along the way.I find picasso the easiest picture posting method.
Best wishes

gfid said...

Lindsay-the bangers and mash were stupendous. the sausage from a local butcher, all ingredients possible to obtain within the 100 mile diet, i'm smug to announce. i'm hoarding the last of my olive oil, got before i made the commitment to eat locally. it'll be canola oil and butter from now on. i'll miss the olive oil. you may be on to something about music keeping folks young. the blogger troubles were to do with that particular connection. all the other plugs in the house work just fine. i bought a new cable for nothing.