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Saturday, May 2, 2009

the granny shack is finished!!!!

and listed for sale

living room


below are:
dining room
front porch


Cicero Sings said...

Looks like an awfully cute place ... where did you say this shack was?

susan said...

I hope you're proud of the wonderful job done you've done remaking her. She looks to be a very happy little house and if she weren't most of the way to the North Pole I'd put in an offer myself.

clairesgarden said...

you've done a lot in a short time. looking forward to you next project too.....or will you be buying 'ready made'?
diy is something I would love to do but cannot find the energy for. things here are just slowly falling apart and being left that way.....

Zee said...

holy crap, you have a awesome shack!
I must do my best to upgrade mine.
These pictures are inspiring!!!

lindsaylobe said...

ref - previous post -Great news on the free rental agreement at the tip.

Also to add to the chorus of congratulations -and add that your shack (as you put it )looks to me to be both attractive and a very homely comfortable abode.

best wishes

gfid said...

cicero - thanks - i think it's cute too... a tad sad to be leaving. it's in Fairview, AB, way up north.

su- i'm not humble enough to even pretend that i'm not proud. she's a dear, and i'll miss her.

claire - not sure what the next place will be... possibly a condo. the ReStore will be all consuming for a while, so my home probably won't get much attention.... and i'll miss the garden.... will be by your blog for my much needed quota of green

zee - thanks! i did a lot of de-cluttering to get her camera-and-realtor ready. but the response has been good. hope she sells quickly.

lindsay - yes, she's been a lovely little home. and i'll miss her with all my heart. i hope she goes to someone who appreciates her. she'd been unloved for many years before i got her. ...on the ReStore... i think i may have the local Ford dealership interested in providing us with a used cube van in exchange for some advertising on the box of it. that's worth a lot... it's a moving billboard,and it'll be covering a huge area.

susan said...

I came back to see if you'd done another post and you have. I'll pop up there next but just wanted to say I'm delighted to hear about the cube van. I know it's taking a lot of effort but things appear to be progressing and I'm glad.

Thanks for coming by to visit again. It's always a delight to see your name in my email. Just in case you need some very light reading I did post another story .. the first since January but now I know there will be more.

gfid said...

su - didn't bring a book with me to my room @ my daughter's, so took the laptop to bed with me. you very thoughtfully provided the bedtime story. thanks ever so. nighty night.

Granny said...

Look much more like a home than a shack.

gfid said...

Granny - great to see you again! well, it's a long story, but she was pretty filthy and run down when i bought her, so she was dubbed the 'granny shack' then, and the name stuck. she very definitely IS a home now; i'm quite fond of her.... but selling, and moving to the nearby city of Grande Prairie to start a ReStore for Habitat for Humanity. my dream job.