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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tally ho!

one of the really great things about moving to the city is all of the family things i can be part of. this is granddaughter, Brooklyn, at her first riding lesson, with a dainty little quarter horse called Cocoa. Brooklyn is 8, and very much her own person already. she insisted on riding English, though Western is the fashion here in cowboy country. she's a well balanced girl, though, and has a very funky pair of pink suede cowboy boots that she loves to wear to school with her denims.

so grandma was the official photographer for the first riding lesson. then sneezed her brains out all the way home, as she's excruciatingly allergic to horses.

friday, the Alberta Opera Co. is coming to her school. everyone's invited!


susan said...

She's lovely :-)

Reminds me of self at that age as I insisted on English too. The next part was jumping - just so you know what to expect.

gfid said...

su - she was asking about jumping.... didn't think she'd want to do that, as it involved getting the horse running. says she likes walking best. slowly. but this was only her first lesson... no doubt she'll be champing at the bit to go faster very soon; she's a pretty fearless little kid. ... i may be just a tad biased, but i have to agree with you that she's lovely.

Seraphine said...

you can't go wrong with denim and pink boots. i'm inspired.

Seraphine said...

lol. you're biased, yes, but you're allowed.

gfid said...

yes, biased. just a bit. and i agree... the denim and pink boots are ultra chic.

Utah Savage said...

Susan's right, she is a darling girl.

I started riding when I was just a bit older than your granddaughter and I was learning to play polo with the big boys in my fifties. It was a life long passion. I just couldn't afford my own great horse, but always had friends who had horses that needed riding. It's a bit like owning a sailboat, you need a lot of money for all the things that go with just having a horse, like land, feed, tack, grooming tools, blankets, a trailer, and on and on. But I do commend your granddaughters good taste to prefer riding English. She'll be the better rider for it. Good luck with that allergy.

Those boots are purrrfect.

gfid said...

yes, horses of any kind are expensive to have around.... way out of my budget, but B's mum's significant other is well off, so lessons are quite affordable. i can't see them actually buying a horse, as they love living in the city, but there are lots of riding stables, etc in the area. you're a woman of may talents! who knows, my granddarlin' may one day take up polo too!

susan said...

Happy Mother's Day Gfid!

Utah Savage said...

I'm back to steal you http thingy again so I can add you to the feed, makes it easier to keep up with postings as they rise to the top of my reader alerting me to the newest post.

Penelope Farmer said...

Ah, geandchildren. Worth allergies. And moving back to the city. Sometimes I wish...

gfid said...

su - thanks; it was lovely. some of the kids even remembered me.

utah - i'm in and out of the loop these days; the modem at the house i'm trying to sell won't work. but i guess inconsistency is my middle name, even with reliable internet access. loved your honeysuckle picture.

granny - yes, if wishes were fishes..... i could set up a fish market. next riding lesson, i'm plugging myself full of antihistamines.

Seraphine said...

life often puzzles me.
like, for instance:
why is there,
in a great big field,
the need for a traffic cone?

walk to the rock, honey,
then around the tree and
come back along the fence.
worker ants surround
a dying bean leaf beetle
so watch the traffic cone
get used to a life
of redirection, diversions
that change the
course of your life
love, death, great bodily harm,
the birth of a child, the
poem that moves, the day
you wake up on a horse
named cocoa with the
great big field before you.

gfid said...

sera - you've put it in a well crafted nutshell. a cameo of the big picture.

the cone is bleached nearly white, so not so jarring as it might be. the teacher is excellent, a mum with wonderful patience, who is gentle with her animals. the horses really like her, but do as they're told. and she seems to really like people to, which i've found often isn't the case with folks who chose to spend a lot of time with animals.

Seraphine said...

some people relate better to animals. and frankly, some animals relate better to people. it's often a symbiotic relationship.
and sometimes its a matter of who you can trust more.

gfid said...

sera - trust, yes, and being at ease in your skin

clairesgarden said...

she looks fabulous! and so relaxed, what a nice wee horse too.

L'Adelaide said...

what a lovely girl and her boots are so perfect! you must be thrilled to have her near you.


I was a horse lover too...take care of those allergies!

Anonymous said...

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