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Sunday, July 26, 2009

work continues

..... on the ReStore.  i'm now filling the 12th rollaway bin with stuff that litters the yard and buildings, that's so useless or damaged or out of date that no one will buy it.  

this photo is of a group of volunteers dismantling a shelf that was too heavy to move.... without a forklift.   the thing must have weighed 300 lb!!  two of the volunteers are high school boys whose parents want them to keep busy over the summer. they get credit toward ReStore purchases for volunteer time worked.  so far they've each taken home a cool chair for their bedrooms.  3 more (not all in pic) are summer students hired by a business that supports Habitat.  they didn't have a job for the students for 2 days, so 'volunteered' them over to me.  not what the kids had signed on for, exactly, as the firm that hired them does accounting.... but they were pretty good natured about it all.  

this building currently has a greasy dirt floor and a very old wood burning stove in the corner for heat.  i'm beating the bushes for a furnace and donations of building materials to put in a sturdy (and clean!!!!) wood floor.  then it'll house the ReStore's appliance and furniture sales.  

volunteers have been stupendous, and i have a summer student on staff now.... till fall.... then?   ....sufficient unto the day are the troubles thein.   i'll worry about that when it comes.   

just had a fellow bring in two beautiful old pump organs yesterday.... will post a picture when i have one....  

had my first kayaking lesson a while ago... am now the proud owner of my very own wetsuit (no pictures forthcoming... it's not a pretty sight)  and am going for a second run this evening.   


lindsaylobe said...

Since my computer crashed I have only made intermittent use of the internet via the library and thought I commented on your previous posting - obviously it was interrupted.

I think the link between physicality and our spiritual wellbeing is a very tenuous one and the simplistic deliverance messages we somtimes hear are a sad indictment of a promise never made.

At the Restore organising the talents of the volunteers and putting their enthusiasm to good effect sounds very satisfying and no doubt will also level an impressionable good feeling with them to help shape a future loyalty to the local community.

Best wishes

Cicero Sings said...

Kayaking ... a great way to cool off after a day in the Restore!

gfid said...

Lindsay - sincere sympathy on the ill health of your computer... i hope it wasn't terminal. ... i agree that there is a link between our spiritual and our physical selves... but i don't think we begin to understand the complexity of it, nor the causes and effects of our wellbeing or lack thereof. ... and people who are certain they have all the answers to everything seem to me very small minded and dangerous people. i love working with these kids. one of my teen boys is mildly autistic, and there was some trepidation on his mum's part about how he'd be on his own. he's terrific. i wish i had 1/2 a dozen just like him.

cicero - we did a short section of the Simonnette River tonight. one group leader, and 4 of us beginners. i can't imagine a better way to end a day. good company, good fun, good food, beautiful country and cool water on a hot day. We're going again tomorrow, this time to the Wapiti.

susan said...

Yes, you never would have imagined volunteer student help for the summer a few months ago and look what happened. I'm sure things will continue to work out well. There are many more good kids than most adults imagine there to be. It gives me great hope.

I look forward to the pictures of the pump organs and would love to see one of you paddling your kayak.. even a distant shot would be nice :-)