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Sunday, February 21, 2010

i've an evening to sit by the little electric fake fireplace i put in my condo in the city, with a glass of northern alberta honey wine close to hand, and my feet up, catching up on friends in blogland.  the fireplace is fake electric because the condo assoc won't let a real one near the place, it being an old building.... and i like the house cool, but my poor skinny little granddaughter turns blue before long when she comes to visit.  so, as i don't want to discourage visits from the apple of my eye, i found a cute little corner thingy that looks pretty realistic, if you don't look too closely.  i turn it on when she comes over, so there's a warm corner for her, and the darlin' girl loves it.   sits herself down in front of it to do whatever it is she's doing on a given day, with a happy smile.   life is good.

and busy!   living in the city, and teaching violin for the local college's music conservatory in my (hysterical laughter) spare time, there are all sorts of musical opportunities popping up like mushrooms.  this photo was taken by a professional photographer friend, for me to include in my portfolio.  haven't even sent it out, and already i have numerous harp gigs booked over the coming year, on top of the usual ones with the Irish band.  we just had the faculty and conservatory recital last night, which was filled to capacity.  a little daunting, following after folks with Master's Degrees in Music with my celtic fiddling, but it seemed well enough received.  and no one so full of themselves that they look down their noses at the rest of us.  

the ReStore is doing well, picking up nicely after the expected lull over the dark of winter. the sun is stronger each day - the worst of the dreary season over..... and our Habitat for Humanity affiliate is planning our 2010 build!  we've been approached by the city with an offer to purchase a property they got through a mortgage default, that they've been renting out for years.  it's in very sad shape, but structurally sound.  AND a local builder has offered to frame and sheet a duplex for us, billing us only for his cost, for us to finish.  if it all comes to pass, we could be building, not one, not two, but THREE homes for local families this year.   As our average since 1996 has been one home every two years, this possibility is THRILLING!!  i'm enjoying being in the thick of it.... which means a lot of time spent away from the ReStore.  Fortunately i've managed to snag a very excellent employee, who i've just promoted to Floor Manager, as the affiliate has suggested changing my job description/title to include that of affiliate Executive Director.  it's a big vote of confidence, and very gratifying - and exciting. they may be sending me to the national AGM in that capacity in April, if i can convince them that i can be trusted not to loose my passport again....  here's hoping!

spring blessings 

so that's what's been happening.  hardly been home to do more than eat, sleep and wash my dainties.   


Seraphine said...

a little fake fireplace sounds wonderful. no cleanup, no muss. turn off all the lights and sit close to the "flame"-- that's what i'd do.
it sounds too that you are doing *exactly* what you want and love to do. i'm happy that you are getting back into your music.
congrats on the habitat projects. things are sad economically, so the need affordable housing is greater than ever. what a great opportunity.
hugs to your grandaughter and hugs to you- best wishes too.

susan said...

First, I have to say that is an absolutely beautiful photograph of both of you. Next I'll say I'm glad you've returned even if it turns out to be a short time considering your multifarious activities. Yow. That's so exciting that you're playing music in public again and teaching too. I'm delighted.

Yes, Spring is on her way north. She actually arrived here earlier than usual this year but I won't complain. It's my favorite season wherever I happen to witness it and the west coast gets long ones but yours will be intensely beautiful with the days steadily growing longer and longer.

It's very good news about the ReStore and Habitat. When you go to the national meeting in your capacity of executive Director I'm sure they'll appoint someone to carry your passport for you.

Happy Spring to you and to the little one sitting by the 'fireplace'.

Akannie said...

Such a lovely blog! Am always glad to hear of people following their passions once again and am glad all is going so well for you...The Universe conspires for our happiness...

linda said...

this all sounds lovely to me, most importantly, your granddaughter playing in front of your little place of warmth...such a lovely photo of you with many exciting opportunities -- spring must be on the horizon!

lindsaylobe said...

What a delightful opening sentence which conjures up the feeling your satisfied after a busy time – nice photo.

Also great to see all sorts of musical opportunities popping up for you and congratulations on your elite fiddling. What a pity those masterly students look down their noses when education is supposed to make us aware through learning just how much more we still don’t know to engender a sense of humility.
The Restore is doing very well under your stewardship and no doubt reflects the joy for 3 locals gaining an affordable home. It makes you realize how much we waste and how much more we could provide for everyone given more goodwill and sharing.

Best wishes

clairesgarden said...

what a fab picture. its an art to master the portrait photo!!
busy busy...good!!
and hope it warms up soon too, sooooo cold here I am fed up with it.

gfid said...

sera - yes, though my earning power is half of what it was, and i'm working much harder, life is very good.

su - thanks; i hope the pic appeals to prospective gigs.'s looking like an early spring here too, so far. but that can turn on a dime......... now the grandgirl wants a wee greenhouse outside, with room to sit for tea,and a fountain.

Akannie - thanks for stopping by!

linda - the buds on the trees are beginning to swell... could mean a very early spring for us. the sun is strong and warm again. soon we'll be basking in the sun in my wee back yard.

lindsay - yes, very satisfying. one of HFH's statistics goes something like this..... an average city of our size (just over 50,000) throws away the equivalent of more than 8 complete houses worth of building and home renovation improvements each MONTH. and yet many families here live in substandard housing, paying more than half of their monthly income to live in a slum.

gfid said...

claire - i'll be by your garden regularly for some green. of course, i picked the best photo out of over a hundred. i'm not particularly photogenic, but it helps if the photographer is a friend, and everyone is relaxed.