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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frosty says "Farewell!"

he's shrinking, and his proboscis has abandoned ship. it  was actually in the act of deserting as the photo was snapped!  winter, usually an evil tempered hag by march, is suspiciously mild just now.  no doubt she's in lamb's clothing. it's an ill fit. she'll shed her unwelcome skin any day now. be assured that we'll be seeing the lion bare its fangs before april lifts her sweet face.  the streets and pathways are a sheet of ice each morning, and a torrent or a quagmire by the evening meal.   the heat of the sun on bared skin is a lover's tenderest kiss. buds of tree and shrub are pregnant with summer-to-come, in the latter, much swollen phase of gestation, where even a cautious sidewise glance brings empathetic discomfort.  winter, the deceitful harpy, isn't finished with any of them yet. she'll have one last bite at the naked skin so newly caressed, and do her best to abort the unborn green yearning for life. 

but she hasn't beat us yet.  


susan said...

Ah, he looks to be a charming character even without his nose. Looks like he's breathing in the warm Spring breeze. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you don't see too much of the lion before the big meltdown.

Cicero Sings said...

That snowman IS cute, even as he falls apart.

It is so mild here it is scary. The geese and redwing blackbirds have arrived, at least 21 days before normal. I do worry about the next couple of months.