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Thursday, June 17, 2010

from the nursery

meet Sadie, Portuguese Water Dog and mum of my puppy. one of these adorable little wigglers will be coming home with me late in July, after the breeder has made her selection. my daughter and granddaughter have already named him for me.... Maestro. Porties are one of the 'hypoallergenic' breeds. this was a big issue for me, as i'm very allergic to furry things. they were bred in Portugal (what a surprise) by fishermen, for use as working dogs. they helped set nets, ran errands from boat to boat, and did water rescue. they're now used predominantly as water rescue dogs. very intelligent, males about 65 lb, high energy with long wavy hair. Sadie has had a haircut.

my ReStore is on the edge of an undeveloped area which is popular with homeless people in our city. they have good taste; it's a lovely part of town. but some of my board members worry about my safety during the time i spend at the store alone - opening and closing, and working before and after hours. so, when i suggested that i might have a dog with me at the store, they liked the idea.

it's a bit odd, this sudden loneliness i'm feeling. my dear friend Laurie, who died recently, lived more than a thousand miles away, and there were sometimes stretches of time when i didn't see her for a couple of years. at times we kept in touch only sporadically, over the 30 years we knew each other.... it's not like she was involved in my daily life. but she was always THERE. reliably and permanently connected directly to my heart. i've never felt such loneliness as i've experienced since she died. it's an ache that just doesn't go away. so i want this puppy very badly. unsure what the connection is, but there seems to be one. perhaps i'm expecting too much of this pup. but i think in need something that needs me, and that needs to be exercised and entertained, to bring me out of my funk, as i tend to be reclusive when i'm unhappy.

i've mentioned to my staff that there may be a pup joining us at the ReStore later in the summer, and shown them the pictures. after the 'aaaaaaw's' they stoically assured me that it would be a hardship, but they thought they could tolerate that.


Cicero Sings said...

Oh, GFID I KNOW. The pup will help a lot. I am SO glad for my Mingus because his needs keep me going at the moment. The Mom is so pretty.

lindsaylobe said...

A wonderful previous post story about ordinary people doing extraordinary work. I am constantly amazed at how far money stretches when we all want to work as a team to help one another. That only goes to prove that the idea of poverty is unacceptable in any community because people are generally not looking for a hand out but rather a hand up. And speaking about a hand up maybe that is what your pup will provide to you. I think finding people we can trust is the best way to build the foundations to ones enjoyment in life and of course when we lose someone uniquely like that it will be felt acutely. Best wishes

Seraphine said...

that is a beautiful dog. whichever puppy you get will be very lucky to have a home with you.
i have a feeling it will be like hitting the lottery for both of you.
by the bye, i linked tonight's encore seraphine comic to your previous post about ordinary people and habitat for humanity.
you inspire me.

clairesgarden said...

lovely, a good companion.
I understand the empty space of lost friends.

Seraphine said...

i want to kiss one of those puppies. which one? all of them!

gfid said...

cicero - blessings. hang in there. yes, it's a lovely family. i'm impatient.

lindsay - maybe a good cure for acute unhappiness is a cute puppy?

sera - i'll save the cyber kiss for Maestro when he comes home. i've heard a girl should never be seen with a fellow who's prettier than she is.... he might make me look bad by comparison.... ;0) but i think my vanity will survive.

claire - it's a long time since i had a pet, but i think it'll be a good thing.

susan said...

I'm so sorry I didn't notice this post when I came by and saw your new kayak. The mama is a very beautiful dog and would be even if she and her family weren't of the hypoallergenic variety. I envy you the delight and puppy smell you'll be experiencing soon. I love doggos too but it's no fun for them in cities and they're rarely tolerated in apartments anyway.

I still feel heartache for your loss of Laurie. I have a good friend of nearly 40 years with whom I have a similar connection even though she lives 3000 miles away in Philadelphia. She is/was the weaver I've told you about before and when we talk it's just like we're sitting having tea again and talking of many things both practical and esoteric.

I'm sure your cohorts at the reStore will get used to having a Maestro on the premises :-)