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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

some need a red sports car

.... for me it's a red kayak. ....with the most beautiful carbon fibre paddle. purchased recently, i suppose this must be my midlife crisis happening....

and a handsome young black haired four legged portuguese fellow to go with it. my kids have named the new canine member of the family (who should be coming home in mid August) Maestro. this is their revenge, after decades of putting up with my musical preoccupation.

just shortly after we put in, the skies opened. son David, in the picture, (though he's handsome, he has only 2 legs, and brown hair) had borrowed my wetsuit, as he had no bathing suit with him. he was cold enough, but i was soaked to the skin and cheerfully hypothermic. we then went home for a nice hot cuppa.

she's a 12 foot Jackson Daytripper. not meant for 2 people, and doesn't exactly turn on a dime loaded up like that, but she can do it when need be, and she'll have no trouble carrying me, some gear, and a puppy. and she's easy for me to load and unload from my little truck all by myself.


Cicero Sings said...

Nice! You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of that kayak.

susan said...

That is so cool. Is Maestro a Lab? Will we get a picture of him too when the time comes for him to meet his new human? Why did I think all kayaks have skirts but can't quite see one here? It does look like a very smooth ride and I'm delighted you have such thoughtful and lovely children.

gfid said...

cicero - i truly will. and the puppy!!!

su - Maestro is a Portuguese Water Dog. i'm very allergic to furry things, so am going for a less allergenic breed. i'm reasonably sure there will be some pictures of him.... (tongue firmly wedged in cheek)
i can get a skirt for the kayak, but as she's not designed for white water, and comes with an 'armchair' and (hilariously) mug / fishing tackle tray..... she's ok w/o a cover too.... the cover's optional. i like getting wet.

Zee said...

This doesn't sound like a Midlifecrisis, this sounds like fun! Does the kayak have a name yet? "Red hot mama" perhaps?

swallowtail said...

I am looking forward to these upcoming adventures. My kayak is red and orange and I love it completely. Haha. I have never (NEVER) gotten my dogs to sit in it. I "should've" started out when they were 8 wks, but didn't and now they are so obsessed and hilarious that I do not want them in my boat!!! You are in for some wonderful and wonder filled times.

So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. She is with you, and all ways will be.

gfid said...

Zee - Red Hot Mama she is!!!! ... toting the rapidly cooling grandma ;0) ... who doesn't spend nearly enough time with her.

Swallow - heading on holiday in early Aug, and unable to take the kayak.... a crushing blow. You're right; my friend is with me. i'm still learning how much of what makes me myself is a result of her contributions.

clairesgarden said...

oooooohhhhhhhh!!!! lovellllyyyyy!!!!