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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mixed messages

a recent weird, convoluted and deceitful conversation with a new employee and her parents reminded me of these photos, taken when i was stranded in Kansas City, MO last november. it's the mixed messages in the landscape that got my attention.... as with the aforementioned people. the 'free abortion alternatives' next to a church, and shop sign with the name 'it's a dream' nearby.... the brewery and big beer billboard next door to a church with very fundamentalist posters/notices on the door. we're complex creatures - have created a complex society. truth is sometimes difficult to find, let alone communicate to others.

i'd much rather take pictures of mixed messages than try to decode them. i hope she enjoys her unemployed summer.


susan said...

The photographs are very cool and I do know what you mean by mixed messages. No wonder about the psyches :-)

Better luck with your next applicant.

gfid said...

this was written on very little sleep, and when i was more than a little angry. no wonder you couldn't understand it.... it made no sense. i should not have even put it up. just grumpy. i hope the edited version is less baffling.

mixed messages... a summer student and her parents were lying to me, in order that she could take time off, with no notice, 4 days after she started a position that was created to enable full time staff to take summer holidays. a 10 day holiday w/o notice was requested, and, when refused, a family medical 'crisis' materialized to explain why she didn't come to work the next day. she and her parents all had different stories.... obviously someone was lying. i've requested a doctor's note about medical treatment, and a return date, but don't expect to hear anything more from them. the thing that cheeses me off, is i discussed the position with both her and her mum, and clearly stated that any holidays taken would have to be worked around holiday plans for previously hired staff. it makes me furious that her parents appear to be initiating and (very poorly) coordinating the whole deception.

new hire shows promise of being more reliable.

gfid said...

su - i first read your note as 'i don't know what you mean by mixed messages'..... which is the opposite of what you actually wrote. ...... i really do need a holiday.

Seraphine said...

one would think truth would be simple, not complex and certainly not convoluted.

maybe truth is like sex-- some separate it from love, while others can't tell the difference.

3. if you love it, it has to be true.
2. the truth may or may not involve heavy petting.
1. the size of the truth does not matter.

susan said...

When my mother found out I'd missed 93 days of school in the ninth grade after forging her name on 'sick' notes she definitely didn't back me up. It did me a world of good.

Truth is objective
Sex is subjective

gfid said...

sera and su - you 2 are SO good for me!!!!

BIG belly laugh