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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new baby

Meet the Maestro. He's in his finest concert dress for the photo. My new best friend.... if we survive puppyhood. We both need a lot of training. He's a little whirlwind of energy with a very sharp mind. i'll have my hands full with him, i think.

must go... potty time


clairesgarden said...

he's lovely! very very cute!

susan said...

Oh he's very beautiful! I wish you both a long and happy time of getting to know one another. That was him who had to go potty, wasn't it?

gfid said...

claire - he's stealing hearts at the ReStore.

su- the first couple of days were sleep deprived, for both of us, but i think we're over that. ...could have been either of us who needed to go potty.... can't remember (kidding)