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Monday, September 6, 2010



susan said...

That's a very lovely picture of a plant I can't identify.

gfid said...

it's a high bush cranberry.... usually the bunches of berries are larger. i just loved the red against the green. they'll be some of the first red you'll see as you walk in the Halifax woods.... and you'll smell them before you see them. i think its' one of the best parts of autumn, the smell of the high bush cranberries on a cool day.

susan said...

Oh how nice. That's definitely something I'll look forward to experiencing once things get settled down for us. Hopefully, that will be soon now that we're pretty sure we've found a decent place to live. Keys tomorrow and then we shop for living essentials and wait for our belongings to arrive.. including the winter woolies because the weather changed fast once the Labour Day weekend finished and most of the tourists climbed back on their buses. Not us though - we're Haligonians now :-)

esperance27 said...

Très belle photo!Bravo!
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