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Friday, May 6, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it

For at the time appointed the end shall be. (Daniel 8:19)

May 21, 2011 - Are You Ready?

i heard this on the truck radio today, on the way to get my summer tires put back on, so i looked it up online. it comes along with some weird formatting i don't know how to get rid of.

seems these guys never get tired of being wrong. i suppose if they keep it up long enough, they'll eventually get it right. in the same way that a stopped clock is right twice a day. ..................................................................
if i were Seraphina i'd have a cool 'toon and a great quote for you, but i'm not Sera.
if i were Linda or Susan there'd be a photo of something beautiful i'd made or photographed, but i'm not Su or Linda
if i were Lindsay Lobe, i'd enlighten you with the historical and cultural background of this phenomenon, but i'm not Lindsay
if i were Madcap, i'd have some thing witty and original and insightful to say about it all, but i'm not Madcap
if i were Cicero or Claire i'd help you keep both feet firmly planted on our gorgeous planet's skin with a stunning photo and/or a recipe, but i'm not Cicero or Claire.
if i were Jozien, i'd have a breathtaking wilderness photo or a poem for you, but i'm not Jozien
if i were Gary or Zee i'd give you a global perspective on the subject, but i'm not either of them
if i were Utah Savage, i'd have something really brilliant and insightful to say about it all, but i'm not her either.

in the process of understanding all that i am not, and accepting that, i learn all that i am.

and i am not convinced the world will end in 15 days
at least, my world won't



Linda said...

grinning here....great little post and thank you, if you are referring to this linda. :)

isn't this the silliest tripe, i think they want to speed up the december 12 hoopla, when of course, not much will happen either....maybe i'll get to bed earlier or my kids will come for xmas...otherwise, don't expect much more than life as we know it. xoxoxox and glad you get to have your summer tires back on. That's got to be a good sign, thus i used a capital letter "T". xxx

Cicero Sings said...

Funny, but the scripture states that no man knows the day or hour ... only the Father. I don't know who would believe this!

I got my summers on too ... the car looks wonderful again ... like a new car! Roo-B is SO happy. Tomorrow we head out for the coast ... make those tires fly. Of course I would rather stay home and garden as things have just started to warm up enough but ...

Speaking of yard work ... I actually had to mow, at least part of my front yard today ... if nothing else, the weeds were getting too high and would definitely be too high by the time I got home. It's nice having a house but I could do without the work! LOL

Cicero Sings said...

P.S. Interesting how you have us all pegged!

susan said...

One of the most destructive qualities we see in fundamentalist thought is the self importance exhibited and the suggestion inherent that everyone but them will be destroyed. Bible thumpers all pay far too much attention to the Old Testament and very little to the New.

If I were Gfid I'd say pffft to these silly prognostications and would get on with making the world a happier more sensible place and I'd play my music in harmony with all the beauty surrounding me.

Nice one, my friend :-)

clairesgarden said...

I haven't got time to get everything done by then....the end of the world will just have to wait!!

gfid said...

linda- yes, you got the Linda right.... yr most welcome. the whole 'end of the world skittleblah troubles me most because it treats the planet and millions of souls on it like something expendable. the leaves are just beginning to open on the earliest trees and shrubs now. an exquisite mist of newborn green.

cicero - sadly, far too many believe it - and casually write off their responsibility to make the world a better place. poor little Rudi the Red-nosed Ranger isn't looking so well. she has a twisted bumper, some new dents, neurological problems, and her wheelwells are rusting. i'm resigned to her eminent demise. i'd love to be out playing in the dirt, but meetings x infinity lately. i'm off to the coast too, late this week.... for a week of training and HFH AGM in Burnaby, then a week on the sunshine coast visiting friends.

i wasn't trying to peg anyone.... just choose one facet of each that is unique and cherished.

su - the old testament is pretty gloomy and bloody, isn't it? and scary. music, yes.... and art. what would we do without them. i had a wrapup meeting w the art program instructor who had her students in our recycled art event yesterday. made the mistake of asking about programs.... and now i'm aching to sign up.

claire - i feel the same way. how can the world end when there's such a lot left to do. and what kind of twisted mind looks forward to losing all this? especially at the most beautiful time of year in the north.... i might believe it in the dead of winter.....

susan said...

Claire, you've made me smile :-)

gfid said...

linda - yes, you, luv. yes, summer tires on, wee bits of green appearing everywhere. we've survived another brutal northern alberta winter. feels like the end of the world every year.

cicero - poor little Rudi, the red nosed Ranger isn't looking well, even with her summer tires on. i'm off to Vancouver today for HFH AGM. and then a week with friends in Van and the Sunshine Coast. Wasn't trying to peg anyone... just noting some of the things that endear you all.

su - yes, music and art.... the world would be a much sadder place w/o them.

claire - i'm with you! and it certainly can't end before i manage to retire... some time around 2090.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Well, I've never been here and you've given me something to smile about...I'd say that makes you grannyfiddler. How do you do? :-)

gfid said...

sphinx- and how do you do, as well. thanks for coming by. i loved the poem clip you posted.

clairesgarden said...

there's still an hour on the clock there.....ah well, time for another cup of coffee this morning...

gfid said...

claire - lol!! i hope you washed up your cup before the world ended.