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Monday, May 16, 2011

we're springing!

gentle sighs of green
bravely exhale
and spread themselves
over the discarded remains of last summer.

crushed brown swaths of departed grasses
part reluctantly,
reveal that banshee winter
hasn't altered the circle of life.

for months stark, naked and shivering
against pewter arctic skies,
begin to soften their silhouettes.
a mist of infant green forms an aura around them.

even the sky
warms from dull to deepest blue.

only weeks ago rigid and grey with ice,
small energetic wedges of green persistence
thrust through its crust.

we blink,
shake off the gritty residue
of winter's demise.
a miracle has surrounded us.
last month's frozen grip is broken
by the softest of golden touches.
how subtle is a sunbeam,
yet what can resist it?


susan said...

Ahh, it's Maestro's first real Spring and he looks truly delighted. I'm equally delighted with your beautiful photograph and even more with the poem. I hope your good weather lasts as long as you need it to.

Around here we've been having day after day after day of fog and mist. Sometimes it thickens enough to make us wet when we go out. The first cruise ship is parked near our grocery store and I spotted the captain in the parking lot holding a map and asking one of the cart masters for directions.

gfid said...

:0) isn't spring grand?!

i laughed out loud at the mental image of the captain asking for directions.... i hope it wasn't a nautical map!!!! i hope the sun comes through for you soon and things dry out.

clairesgarden said...

I can see happiness shining out of that dog!!

gfid said...

claire - he is a very happy guy. it's a comment i often hear. it seems to be a characteristic of the breed. they always seem to be smiling.