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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank you for coming by Gfid. Please hold.

No.... I'm not setting out to offend
anyone.... just thought this sandwich board outside the Smart Mouth Cafe in Vancouver was amusing, so I thought I'd share it.

Sometimes life has a way of taking off on its own. With elder care for my father, a very demanding full time job , and an illogical belief that moonlighting in musical performance will will help keep me sane, (not to mention the need for the $ it brings in) there are no minutes left for a life in the blogosphere at present.

I will come by to visit old friends periodically, but any more than that means no sleep these days. Be well, blog friends. I'm looking forward to seeing your contributions to the think-tank in the ether.

May 2012 bring us all more of the things we need (as opposed to want) most.


susan said...

You have far more reasons for taking a blog hiatus than me but sometimes these things happen whether we intend them to or not. The pictures of you are very lovely - something keeps you very youthful and I suspect it may just be the music. Keep playing, my friend :-)

susan said...
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gfid said...

susan - that's life as we know it, hmmm? you're kind.... the nice thing about posting pictures, is we can pick the best ones.... as if bad hair days didn't exist :0)

linda said...

it is lovely to see you, if only in these photos...I always love it when brave souls are willing to show themselves for that brief time we are here. I too am gone just now but you certainly have better reason than I. take care, my friend and know I am always here should you feel the need.

much lovexx

Zee said...

I feel the same these days, must be in the air. Blogging fills time, sort of a diary. And time has funny behaviors - sometimes pensive and thoughtful, on days of present though urging for action and "to do". Nothing wrong with that...

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Grannyfiddler
Best wishes for this year – I can understand your days are full with the dual responsibility for your father and a demanding workplace. Don’t forget to post the odd picture.
Best wishes