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Monday, January 30, 2012

Paint Your Wagon

Way back in the summer of 2011, I was asked if I'd be musical director for a local amateur / volunteer production of Paint Your Wagon. It seemed a safe bet that it'd never come off, as the cast is almost all male.... a very hard thing to cast in our town, especially if the fellows all have to dance and sing. So I said, "Sure, I'd love to!" Well, you've already guessed that they pulled it off, and now here I am doing a minimum of 3 rehearsals a week until the end of April. Sometimes as many as 5 or 6.

There have been some very interesting studies on the possible connection of creativity to mental illness. I'm living proof, I guess. Life is crazy these days.

So, since I'm @ rehearsals anyway, and I know the play, when the person playing Cherry, the dancehall 'madame' withdrew, I guess I seemed like a good choice to replace her. It's not a big part, so I agreed, not taking time to have a close look at the script. And once again, you know already that that was a mistake. The costume mistress showed me the low-cut form fitting gown they plan to put me in. Then at the first reheasal of the opening scene, my (Cherry's) lover (Jake) approaches me before we begin the scene to tell me " We need to practice this". "Well, yes," I respond - "That's why I'm here." "No" he replies, "we have to pratice THIS" ....pointing to the page of the script in his hand. .... which describes Jake and Cherry engaging in a passionate kiss.

So later that evening, at home I described all of this to my daughter and granddaughter, saying "I've been set up." The grandgirl's response was, "eeeeewwwwww! Grandma kissing a boy?!" The daughter's was a huge grin and, "We are SO going to see this!"

No, I'm not a prude, but my experience on stage thus far has not included public necking and partial nudity. This will take some time to accustom myself to. Wish me luck!


Cicero Sings said...

Oh my - I'd say you got yourself into an adventure and a half! Better you than. Ha, ha. I'd like to see this one too.

linda said...

i would sure come to see you half naked, making out with a half naked man....and your little remark about creativity and mental illness did not go unnoticed...what the rest of the world is missing!! heehee.... i hope everyone breaks legs-as i knock wood a dozen and a half times-isn't that what you're supposed to say in 'showy' business.

and i am glad you made it through the gauntlet[my blog] tho i admit i got so burned out attempting to make it so, i about made myself so....sick of the whole thing!!

frankly i still don't know if it's really private but i guess i'll find out tomorrow....maybe....if i can steal cowboy's computer and pretend to be him. ? maybe not... same ip i think... see tis a hard row we plant...why do we do these things...oh i forgot, we're sane.
N O T. xxxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxxxx-watch it, it's catchy.

Anonymous said...
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gfid said...

Cicero - I console myself with the thought of all the lovely music in this show.

Linda - I can hear you chortling all the way from California. It's good for me to step outside my comfort zone, right? Thanks for the good wishes.

linda said...

thanks for participating in my little game of 'let's make a private blog' last week....i am afraid i put my dear readers through a gauntlet of unnecessaries but what to do...anyway my dear, i do appreciate your trying it out....and now i am as public as i can be!

susan said...

Oh I'm so sorry it's taken me days to come by to see this but even though I never look at the feeds I do usually stop by for a peek. Looks like I missed a bit.

It's totally wild that you're going to be appearing as one of the main characters in the show and I too would certainly love to see you in that dress (cast picture, please). Even better would be to hear you singing while in the arms of that young man. I can well imagine the big smile on your daughter's face. I'm grinning too.

Anonymous said...
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clairesgarden said...

sounds like lots of hard work and lots of fun!

gfid said...

Su - she's not a main character... just a small part. I'll be sure to post a picture and let you know if there's anything done on youtube. a lot of younger cast members, so it's quite likely.

Claire - yes, 3 rehearsals a week just now, more often as opening night grows nearer. (2nd weekend in April) And yes, very big fun. A great bunch, who love to laugh and support each other tremendously.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Granny Fiddler – A great show and I’m sure you will acquit yourself very well. These days I think I would have trouble remembering all the lines but obviously you take to it like a duck to water!!- But as you say not a big part. Good luck!!
Best wishes