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Thursday, November 29, 2012

IPad - Paper 53

one of the fascinating aps available on ipad is 'paper 53'

with it you can do pencil sketches and ink washes

watercolor and colored ink or felt pen (wide or narrow) - with a 'resist'.

and any mix of them all that you choose 

 the main difference between them is the texture and density   of the 'stroke', and that some are transparent and some are not.  the watercolor brush will also 'lift color in a way similar to a dry brush on wet paper, but it's much more (disappointingly) controlled and uniform than the real thing

the ap doesn't have the subtlety of real artists' washes and pen / pencil strokes, or the precision, or any of the lovely  and miraculous surprises, but it does have one very attractive feature, which they call 'rewind'.  with this you can remove the last stroke(s) or wash(es) or erasures you've done, without altering the picture. you just get what you had before you put the new bit in... then, if you decide you liked them better than you thought, you can change your mind again and put them back.  there's no damage to the 'paper' no matter how many times you go over things, and it's very hard to make things muddy. no worries about whether the paper is wet or dry - which also, sadly, means there's no way (that i've discovered so far, at least) to paint wet-on-wet. 


linda said...

hello sweets! I just left you a reply on my blog but wanted to visit and see what you're up to. I'm checking out this app! sounds fun! I love iPad but for my typing skills on it...ugh. but otherwise it's perfect! I'm off to read up as I see you've returned to us!!

xox and
love what I see you can do with that app! it's lovely.

Cicero Sings said...

I don't have an iPad, only an iPod Touch but I went to see about this ap anyway. It didn't come up in the Aps Inquiry ... maybe it doesn't work on iPod Touch. Oh well, I'm not much of an artist anyway ... it just looked intriguing ... something to play with. Have fun.

gfid said...

Linda- lovely to see you. It's a very nice ap - and the starter is free. I think I paid 10 or 11 $ for more color, blender, brush, etc. couldn't even get a tube of watercolors for that, and this one never runs out. I think it's fairly new, so maybe there will be more add- one's. Wet on wet would be nice. Or dry brush..... Zoom would be nice... Many possibilities!

Cicero- my granddaughter & I tried to get one for her iPhone- not yet available. I never would have got an iPad for myself; this one was a gift from my kids. I love it. I have really brilliant kids. :0)

clairesgarden said...

ah, the internet, hours and hours of endless endtertainment.....
very creative!!

gfid said...

Claire - i try not to surf a lot... it really is a terrible time-hog, and unless you're after something specific, not productive. but i'm really enjoying the aps for the iPad my kids gave me, and the drawing one especially, during the long dark winter.

susan said...

The images you've painted with your ipad are very pretty. Nevertheless, for the time being I'll stick with the madness and occasional frustration of the real thing. You know how old fashioned Crow is about his portraits.

gfid said...

Su - I don't think the tablet can replace the real thing.... It has too many limitations..... But it's a very convenient and entertaining tool. Crow, being much wiser than me, has more discerning tastes