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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What do these three things have in common?

Elderly Canadians proudly wearing the red maple leaf as they enjoy a winter holiday

Royal Canadian Air Force 
touring the world and performing death defying maneuvers as they roar overhead close to the speed of sound

A cute little Dark - eyed Junco with a white tummy and dark uppers - fluffed against the cold


susan said...

The first two have lots of red and white
The second and third both fly
The first and the third show living beings
The first and the second feature humans

All three are able to spend winter away from the cold.
They are all snow birds.
Have you joined the Royal Canadian Air Force?

gfid said...


Su - you've summed it up very neatly!

.... The Juncos foolishly stay the winter. I wouldn't, in their place. Imagine having wings and not fying away from the cold!? ...but they're called snowbirds because they stay - unlike retirees who have the name because they migrate south @ the first drift of white.

linda said...

susan is far brighter than i! i was stuck in the red and white thing and then the flight thing but then the oldies didn't fit and around and around.....oh well...i am off to comment on the others as i've missed out.

btw can you put a subscribe button on your blog so i can get it in my email? i think blogger still has that as a gadget/widget thingy? if not, that's fine too just not here as much as i would like-blogger i mean.

xoxoxo and now on laptop so i can type! ;)

gfid said...

i'm envious of the snowbirds... all of them.... to be able to fly, especially away from the rotten cold and snow!

i think i've got the subscribe thing set up.... not terribly clever with blog settings etc.... have you noticed that my layout, etc rarely changes.... ? mostly because i don't know how to do it :0p