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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doodle of the day

Paper 53 doodle of the day


linda said...

this is pretty cool. but wow, do i NOT want to go back to the holidaze. :) i love the colors in this, presuming it's an app for the iPad? i can't read back to find out right now so will stop in another night.

stay warm up there. :)


gfid said...

Linda - yes, Christmas can sometimes be too much of a good thing.... It was just an image I'd beenruminating on for a while. And yes, an app for iPad. Not sure how the colors will translate to a paper image, but they're nice on screen, aren't they? Minus thirty something just now, with a wind.... Translates to the equivalent of approximately a bazillion below, give or take a few million. Staying INSIDE as much as possible.

susan said...

You have a wonderful sense for placing design elements in these pieces. The colors and forms work very nicely against the mysteriously dark back ground.

Come to think of it, I've long thought people should keep the holiday lights up at least until March. I hope you're keeping warm.

gfid said...

Susan-one of the nice things about the iPad app is the colours. They just never get muddy. Something to do with working with pixels instead of pigment, I think....and the image being lit from behind. The light comes through the colour instead of bouncing off of it. Sort of like stained glass. It also lends itself very well to light subjects against dark backgrounds, which was the main reason for this 'study'. It pleases me that you like it :0)