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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rooster and friends

Showing along with the shoes are some more 'illuminated' found objects and some paintings:

Food of Love
on a broken up guitar found at Goodwill

Daisies behind a fence 
on an old cabinet door

on stretched canvas

Small Rooster
on stretched canvas


clairesgarden said...

glad to see the art and hope that you are doing ok. x

gfid said...

Lovely to see you've come by, Claire. Thanks - Art being produced is one of my best indicators of being ok.... Hoping the same for you.

susan said...

I can't believe I forgot to leave a message when I saw this one. All the pieces really are very fine - with my particular favorite being the guitar. That was an excellent idea.

gfid said...

Su - the only one that sold is 'daisies behind a fence'.... Which was the one I wanted for myself. So pleased that you like the guitar. I think it may end up on the wall behind the performers @ Home Routes shows. Raven has said she'd like to have the shoes for sale in her shop. .... And the lone daisy has been donated to a fundraiser for a local family with crippling health care costs not covered by Alberta Health Care. (Because we're obviously wasting money on that, according to our premier)