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Monday, January 21, 2008

dreaming of summer

i'm dreaming of summer campfires with music and friends... taken last summer in a friend's yard

but, out the window, things look like this... taken recently in another friend's yard


lindsaylobe said...

I have taken recently a few pictures of summer which reminds me maybe to post next!!
Your 2 pictures make a nice contrast ; the second doesn’t make me feel cold as I presuppose it to be in reality a very cozy Cabin!
Nice picture of yourself playing presumably a serene summer’s tune.
Best wishes !!

clairesgarden said...

we are still under rain and wind here, occasional flurries of snow.
I dream of getting a long lie in and not having to go out into the yuck!!

grannyfiddler said...

Lindsaylobe - my friends tell me the cabin is destined to be a guest cottage. presently it's more a hotel for squirrels. in spirit i'm sitting in an Australian backyard, under a shade tree, playing a slow air to summer. wishing you cool breezes.

Claire - i'm trying to imagine your horizontal rain... that would work it's way into everything and chill to the bone. not at all good weather for kayaking... or for anything, really. wishing you a long, cozy lie in with a purring kitty.

kate said...

You look great in that picture - the first time I see your face. What a serene expression you have.

Summer - what's that? That is a gorgeous cabin.

grannyfiddler said...

kate - thanks for the compliment... grannies learn to take em whenever we can get 'em. serene, yes... our former banjo player/vocalist, who's moved away, had come for a visit. i was following him and grooving. he's a wonderful musician.