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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


on days like this, i think only crazy people live this far north. it's -30 C and the wind is blowing. nothing with any sense goes out in that.... wild animals find a cozy place out of the wind, curl up with their tails over their noses and take a nap. only people go out in it, and those animals unfortunate enough to be domesticated by them.

but, on the upside, sunsets and sunrises are masterpieces - studies in subtle color painted on a pristine canvas of unblemished snow.


Cicero Sings said...

Congrats on the new computer and CAMERA! Yea, you'll have so much fun adding pictures and videos!!!

I'm leaning towards Guinneviere for the harp.

I'm totally unmusical ... alas!

grannyfiddler said...

Cicero - love the name, and it's origins, as per your blog profile. thanks for stopping by, neighbor. we'll be doing a vote for the harp's name probably next week, when the kids all come back for lessons.

kate said...

Those are great photographs - I hate those cold temperatures although I'm glad to see that there's an upside with sunsets and sunrises (we don't often see much of those living in the middle of a city, so you are lucky!!)

lindsaylobe said...

Congratulations on your new computer and camera. I visited all of your blogs! Your previous garden looks fantastic.

I'm leaning towards a novel name for your harp, unfortunately all I can come up with for the moment is Masters-strings or harp-serene.

Life can be an absurdity, it’s sometimes heard to find meaning, but I guess each do us that in our own special way.

Would you believe it -It was officially 41 degrees c or 106f here to day and the same a few days previously. Measured it at 46 parked in the car today.
keep cool for me !
Best wishes

grannyfiddler said...

Kate - thanks for the kind words... the new camere is amazing. one must try very hard to take a bad picture. though i enjoy a trip to the city to see live theatre or take in a concert, or to visit family and friends, i'm afraid i'm a hick at heart, and always very happy to be back home in my very small town.

LL - thanks! i'm not much of a techno-granny, but my kids put a lot of effort into keeping me up to date. i think of the blogs more as folders in one larger whole... when one's job is to keep order, i guess it can get a bit obsessive @ home too.... i missed the garden badly last summer, but have big plans for a new one..... i told my students that they get to name the harp. they'll be voting on it next week..... i wish i could send you some lovely cool snow.

clairesgarden said...

so pristine in fact its showing up the dirty marks on my screen, where's that cloth. . . .

grannyfiddler said...

hi Claire - welcome to winter in northern alberta. there's more snow now than in that picture. might not be smudges on your screen... the weather here is enough to make your eyes cross and go out of focus.