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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

don't knock the equinox

... but it's just a little pathetic living in a place where the first day of spring means the snow is starting to melt.


susan said...

Beautiful bear!

kate said...

How about here where the first day of spring brought more snow (although we've had quite a good melt until today).

Happy spring - happy Easter weekend! I am picturing you busy renovating...

lindsaylobe said...


New season, not far away
Clouds no longer sad and grey
Nature will come to please
Banish winters bitter freeze

Companion is your golden light
Stars in tune on opening night
Cares flow out on melting ice
Freedom asks no asking price

Smiles of spring are crimson rays
Birds rejoice in hymns of praise
Fiddle sounds in joyful mirth
Harmony of new spring birth

best wishes

grannyfiddler said...

susan - i was feeling like a bear when i posted that... sick to death of winter.... and i loved his wink. not sure where i found him; he's in my photo files.

kate - you have my sincere sympathy over the snow. yes, busily finishing the bathroom.... the wallpaper is on the ceiling.... must grout the tile round the tub, then run out for some trim boards, and i can paint. happy easter to you too! i peeked in @ your new spot, but no time to figure out how to comment.

LL - i was feeling very sorry for myself about the rotten snow, and endless renovations, till i read your lovely poem. now there's a happy smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart. thanks so much!

clairesgarden said...

happy easter, snow fell on the hills here last night. it look slike its melting now.

Granny said...

I hope the melting snow means the end of winter for you even if you don't have our early spring.

grannyfiddler said...

claire - it snowed some more last weekend.... not even serious about melting yet. hope your easter was a fine one

granny - there are days when i think california is next door to heaven.... mostly in late march, when the snow's still 2 feet deep.