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Monday, March 10, 2008


"Maman is emblematic of her mother, Josephine, a restorer of tapestries in the family-run restoration business. the spider's high, arched legs descend into points evocative of sewing needles, while her spiraling body suggests sewing spindles as well as the double helix of genetic string that binds one generation to the next. Attached to Maman's abdomen is a cage-like sac containing twenty marble eggs that assert her maternal role as protector and nurturer. '[my mother was my] best friend... deliberate, clever, patient, sooting, reasonable, dainty, subtle, indispensable, neat, and useful as a spider'."

artist Louise Bourgeois


granny p said...

That is such a fabulous piece. There's just been an LB exhibition in London which I managed to catch...

susan said...

wonderful photo - she looks great in the snow

grannyfiddler said...

granny p - this is my first encounter with her stuff... i'd love to see more

susan - she's very elegant, isn't she?