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Thursday, April 24, 2008

the crocuses may have croaked, but

but the basil inside in the grow op is hanging in there


susan said...

Hi Gfid - I thought I'd come by to check on you and have just been enjoying your recent posts. The pictures are neat - glad to see spring is on the way to northern Alberta (sorry about the crocuses but they never last long anywhere so don't feel too bad). I'm not a huge fan of home decor in general but I know how much time and effort you've been putting in lately and your kitchen is looking wonderful. You even reminded me of my own son at the same age when my dad took him to visit the neighbours and his first remark was 'This is a ridiculous situation'.

So far as your situation in the grocery store with only $7 in your pocket - well, my experiences there are similar too. We had difficult years but always had enough especially since we didn't have the urge for consumer products - neither did most of our friends and families. You're right that we're (or were) rich and haven't really been cognizant of our blessings. Let's hope there's a way for everyone to find the grace of being content with less stuff. We know it can be done.

gfid said...

Susan - it seems easier to find kindred spirits in blogland. not many folks here in Oilberta will even admit to ever having to pinch pennies, let alone feel any responsibility for the greater cost of their consumerism. yes, we know it can be done, and we do what we can. but i'm surrounded by wealthy people who don't even care, and it bites.

susan said...

Good morning,
You're not alone in that feeling. I work in a very large hospital (12+k employees - huge, stupid buildings etc.) and hear much the same thing. It's one thing when well paid but distracted doctors are unaware but what disturbs me is the attitude of the people who work for them. There's an old song by the Kinks about a char lady with the recurring chorus: 'She wears a hat like Princess Marina so she don't care.' It's as good a description as any. Getting to share thoughts with a few like minded people is very much why I continued blogging. Have a good day.