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Monday, April 14, 2008

Mnenewa and Thabo

Meet Mnenawa and Thabo, of Memeza Africa (Memeza means "shout!"), giving granny a hug and calling her "mummy".

these young gents were my house guests for the past weekend, during which time i played the mother stereotype, making sure they got fed far more than was necessary, and their laundry got done. at one point, i told them, "i'm a mother. i HAVE to feed you." so they laughingly nicknamed me Mummy.

Thabo and Mnenewa are drummers for a troupe of 22 Sowetan singers and dancers, presently touring alberta with singer/songwriter Holly Wright. Ms Wright lived and worked in South Africa for 2 years, where she met and married her South African husband, who is also a musician. What a show they gave us!

on stage, my 2 softspoken and well mannered boys transformed into musical athletes, carrying and driving the music with their masterful drumming, singing rich harmonies, and dancing with a passion and vitality that brought the crowd to its feet in thunderous applause. such excellence is awe inspiring and humbling.

and to think i had to be coaxed into hosting them. if i weren't so pleased to have got to know them, i'd be ashamed.


Cicero Sings said...

Sounds like a great concert and two fun guys to host as guests!

grannyfiddler said...

cicero - i'll never forget it.

Zee said...

This sounds like a fun weekend despite your role as Mummy.
Did you know that I play fiddle as well?

gfid said...

Zee- i wasn't feeling well, so i was not much fun, but the company was good, and the music was very fine. yes, i think i saw somewhere on your blog a mention of fiddling. what sort of music do you like to play?

susan said...

I hope you're feeling better now. That was a very remarkable weekend you had.

Gary said...

Very cool!

Lucky them. Lucky you.

clairesgarden said...

i bet they loved staying with you, and will be friends for life. i would love to see their concerts, life and energy!

gfid said...

susan - thanks for the good wishes... i'm on the mend. a shame to be a dud when we could have filled the house with music. sigh.

gary - mostly lucky me... i wasn't well enough to be very good company, i'm afraid. they did enjoy trying the harp out, though. they'd never seen one.

claire - i think it was more of a treat for me than for them. aging ladies aren't particularly interesting to handsome young men. they did seem to enjoy my cd collection. you can find out more about them here

lindsaylobe said...

Congratulations to you in your labour of love in looking after these lovely young ladies Thabo and Mnenewa. I have no doubt their harmonies would indeed be very beautiful, and assume singing and dancing is an integral to their culture and way of life from an early age.
It is indeed a blessing to experience the warm heart of another culture and we often refer to the warm heart of Africa. Now it seems you have experienced it first hand.I trust your hand is on the mend. Best wishes

gfid said...

lindsay - yes, it was a blessing to spend time with these fellows, and an eye opener. ... and the hands, thanks for asking.... sigh.... seem worse these days. they're not listening to my brain again.

lindsaylobe said...

I don’t know what possessed to me say these lovely young ladies, instead of young men-maybe typing in those names that seemed to be of women.

So that’s a picture of you? you must be the youngest looking granny on the planet, I can at least vouch correctly about that observation. I like the necklace in the previous photo; it also blends in well with the attire of the 2 boys.
Presumably you have tried all of the devices available whilst sitting at your desk to raise the elbows etc and take the pressure of your fingers and hands when doing computer work. !
Best wishes

gfid said...

lindsay- maybe i'm just too immature to look my age :o)

yes, the company has replaced my keyboard @ work with a split one that tilts ergonomically in the centre, and i now have a keyboard tray that i can set up higher, and a cordless mouse that can go in the least stressful spot. got the ergonomic arm rests on my ergonomically correct chair. it all does seem to help somewhat. but i fear the problem is hours spent @ the keyboard as much as location of it.