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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"this is progressing nicely"

the kitchen takes shape. note the stemware racks above the window on the left, and the wine bottle pockets under the window on the right

the quote in the title is from child #3, now finishing 2nd year engineering. at age 3, he squatted back on his cute little haunches, made a critical assessment of his latest duplo construction and chirped, "this is progressing nicely." it's become a standard family line. we're all still trying to figure out where he got his brains from. maybe there was a switch in the hospital.


Gary said...

Jeez, stemware racks and knee-level wine pockets. This is a kitchen designed for human beings who enjoy company.

Cicero Sings said...

I like that lowered counter ... great for bread making. You lucky gal!

gfid said...

gary - i hadn't thought of that... just had this beautiful picture in my mind to work from.... but yes, i do enjoy company.

cicero - it wasn't intended that way... just had to work around an existing window, but the same thought crossed my mind as things progressed.

clairesgarden said...

love the kitchen, love the light shade.
progressing very nicely!

lindsaylobe said...

Those 3-4 year olds on odd occasions do come up with those delightful sayings.-at least that has been our experience as well with our grandchildren.
He sounds like delightful child.
Recently our 4 year old grandson was on his best behavior and promised to eat all of his pasta as the restaurant owner promised a surprise afterwards if he did. To our surprise he walked over on several occasions on his own accord to tell him how good an restaurant is was, as if ingratiating himself. He was happy with his reward afterwards, a small chocolate!!
I expect we will soon see pictures of a housewarming party soon!
Best wishes

gfid said...

claire - thanks, on both counts -the kitchen is my design, and the lamp shade is my very first stained glass project, brought from the last house, as i love it. don't look too closely. the corners don't match very well

lindsay - yes, he is a delightful fellow, though very shy. @ 19 i don't think he's had a real date yet, outside study dates with girls in his classes. your grandson seems to have a lot going on in his little head too.

i'm hoping to have a housewarming/yard party some time near the summer solistice, complete with live music from the irish band i play with.