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Monday, February 23, 2009

still dreaming

i got this picture of the Saskatoon ReStore posted, then got interrupted before i managed to say anything about it. i wish this was my store, but no such luck. our first store will most likely be much smaller and less impressive. i've been working with my son, who's been visiting from the Yukon for 2 weeks helping with finishing the house and getting it ready for sale. when it's cleaned up and de-constructioned, i'll post some pictures. but not much has been happening on the ReStore front as a result. i wish there were 3 more of me.

the Saskatoon ReStore is a renovated curling rink. back where the kitchen and viewing areas were, there are now 9000 sq Ft of offices for Habitat and other not for profit groups.... not accessible from the ReStore, and treated as a separate building, with separate entrances, etc, for fire code reasons. the building is super insulated, and has a floor that's perfectly level & smooth. without a crack or a bump throughout.... you could... well, you could curl on it! all very well organized and busy. very impressive.

on a different track, the visiting lad has confessed to an interest in domestic things while here, so he's taking the pressure canner and a few useful things back with him when he goes home on Thursday. and, in the process of packing up books, we came across an old journal from the time when he (age 6 months), his dad and i left alberta for the yukon. stories of his dad taking 20 shots to shoot a squirrel (we ate a lot of squirrel for a while) and notes about brining and drying salmon, finding a cabin to winter in, etc. it's the closest he'll ever have to the 'baby book' many parents keep of their child's first years. i think i'll post some of the stories from it here, when there's time.


Mezamashii said...

wow- the restore looks awesome! Best of luck with the business plan!

Cicero Sings said...

Looking good!

gfid said...

M & C - this is the store of my dreams.... blush. i posted the picture, then got interrupted, and didn't get the text up, saying this is the new store in Saskatoon, a renovated curling rink. ours is still in the very early stages of actually getting a building.... thanks for your interest and encouragement. it means a lot.

susan said...

Well, the Saskatoon store looks like a good place to base your striving upon. Do you have a building yet or is finding an adequate space still part of your process? I'll be watching for results.

The journal you found sounds much more interesting than the average baby book of my acquaintance. I remember the great story you posted about going north to housekeep years ago. It was wonderful and I'll be looking forward to more like that whenever you have the time.

I hope you're taking your musical instruments with you to wherever it is you're moving to. Living with a positive intention is the best thing any of us can do with our lives.

linda said...

i found you through susan's phantsy blog ;)

this is very cool but what really touched my heart was that big brawny tatooed man, your baby boy, baking bread and , did I get that right? packing up the pressure cooker? now that's something worth teaching sons and daughters both!

i look forward to reading more. and your journal is probably of much more heart that those silly baby books we used to buy and never fill out, well at least i never did.


gfid said...

su - the sask store is inspiring. we thought we had a partnership involving use of space lined up for our store, but that appears to be crumbling. we'll see.... the journal was huge fun to go through... there's a recipe i got from the original Hudson's Bay Co. handbook for setting up shop and keeping house in it.... for HBC christmas pudding! i'm staying with friends in Edmonton for a week in mid march, to job shadow/train at the Edmonton ReStore. these friends have specially requested an evening of harp music. not much of a hardship, and yes, the instruments go wherever i go. they keep me sane. (it's a relative thing)

linda - thanks for the visit. a pleasure to meet you! and to visit your blog. lovely stuff; i'll be back. yes, the big tattoo'd biceps and the domestic urges seem a bit at odds, don't they? but he's really a very gentle, sweet fellow; he was actually a nanny for triplets for about a year when he was in his early 20's. and, yes, he was quite tickled to take the pressure canner. wanted the treadle sewing machine too, but his sister had asked for that years ago, so i couldn't give it to him.... but i'm going to keep my eyes out for one for him. ... and he's been promised the journal, once i've copied it out for myself. he seems to agree with you and su about that.

susan said...

Hah! What a cool son. Mine is too but I never have figured out how he learned to cook. He was always front and center when it came time to make cookies or desserts but the rest didn't interest him. Nowadays, when he visits from the east coast, he's still happy to eat the meals I make.

I'm delighted to see Linda's been by to visit. She lives on one of the oldest ranches on the California coast and has taken some gorgeous pictures. Her paintings and thoughtful quotes are always a treat.

Now I know you have the instruments with you I'll sleep better :-)

gfid said...

su - i can't think of anything that brings more pleasure to a parent than seeing one's kids grow into people we sincerely like and respect. .....looking forward to making linda's blog a regular part of my loop. worries about me being without an instrument; when all else fails, there's song. me auld mum said i sang before i could speak.