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Friday, February 27, 2009

home cookin'

while he was here helping prep the house for sale, eldest son asked for a lesson in bread making. his first batch of 3 loaves of whole wheat bread was perfect. and he was justifiably proud of his accomplishment.


Cicero Sings said...

Good for him!

Get him to try the Artisan Bread ... you can bake a fresh loaf whenever you need it and it is easy, easy!

Here is their website ... somewhere on the site is the recipe for the basic dough:

Salt Water said...

I need to know why my bread never feels light and fluffy. It tastes great, looks good, but has a dry feel and taste very quickly. I have tried egg and non-egg recipes. I once shortened the cooking time enough that the dough in the center did not cook, yet still the cooked part felt rough and dry. What am I doing wrong?

PS. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes we Canada.

gfid said...

Cicero - i checked out the artisan bread link, and sent it on... it does look like a really good way to have fresh bread whenever you want it! thanks

Salt Water - thanks for stopping by. i'm really not much of an expert any more on bread.... i can't eat it anymore without getting quite ill, so i seldom bake it, and eat it even less often..... but i did leave some possible solutions @ your blog. you might try Cicero, above's suggestion of artisan bread; i checked the videos on it, and it looks pretty good.

susan said...

I'll check out the Artisan bread too - good tip from Cicero.

I see what you meant about the artistic tattoos. They look good on him.

gfid said...

su - he's going for full sleeves, of his own design, with snowflakes, northern lights, and cutaway of a spruce forest on the right arm, fireweed, a flaming sun etc on the left.... i'd like them better not permanently etched into his flesh, but i have to concede that it's pretty good art. i'd be interested to know how the artisan bread works for you. i guess there's not much chance there's a gluten free version, though.