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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bloody cold today

Wind: 0km/h
Sunrise: 8:22
Sunset: 19:50
Relative Humidity: 60%
Pressure: 103.82 kPa
Visibility: 40.0 km
Ceiling: unlimited
i'm going under cover for a while. it's too damned cold for March.
this is my new identity

Current Weather Updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 9:00 MDT - Grande Prairie


linda said...

I would die up there and don't know HOW you do it, living in a's crazy cold up you ever get to go out of the house? I have never even been in that kind of weather and have a certain curiosity about those who do....questions like how do you shop, do you drive on ice all the time, do you feel like you are losing your mind, what about your pets? I really have no concept of how....

many blessings to you up in the frozen north.....may you have sunshine and warmth shine upon you soon.

susan said...

I really like your maraschino cherry eyes and the perfection of the noble carrot nose but I'll look forward to a picture of you in summer sitting near a melting iceberg playing your harp for the seals.

We spent our first 16 years in the US living in RI where we saw some mighty winter storms. After another similar time out here of rainy, icy winter weather (but early and long springtimes) we're considering Halifax, NS in the next year or so. I remember Ontario winters as cold yet manageable but I was so much younger then.

I wish you warm weather soon too.

Seraphine said...

my relatives are humid too.
at least you have thirteen hours of daylight. some places don't see daylight for months at a time.

gfid said...

linda ..... well! where to start.....
shopping- i'm not much of a consumer - free trade agreement has a whole new meaning with me - but those who do shop a lot, start their SUV's remotely, let them warm up (seat warmers included, of course) for 1/2 hour or so, then bolt across the 10 or 20 feet from the door of the house to the vehicle. they leave 'em running while they're shopping, so they can bolt across the parking lot to a warm vehicle. malls are a big thing in the north, cuz you can sashay from store to store with your coat undone, or even stashed in a shopping cart. those of us who don't do the SUV thing just bundle up really warm and walk fast. winter sports are very big here, but ski hills usually close at temps below -25C.
ice - mostly happens when snow melts and makes water. not a problem @ temps below freezing. freezing rain, then cold and snow, can make pretty treacherous conditions. packed snow gets polished really hard and slippery by spinning tires, but ice is a part of winter we just get used to walking and driving on. everyone with any sense at all has special winter tires on their vehicles, that grab better in snow and cold. many people wear grippy metal crampon-like things on the soles of their boots as well. every city, town, county and highways dept has a fleet of snow plows and trucks, whose job it is to scrape the snow and ice off the streets and roads, and haul it off somewhere else, so roads are kept in good driving condition. the black of the asphalt on the roads and highways acts as a solar collector and helps melt and evaporate thin layers left on the road on the rare occasions when temps rise enough for it to happen.
sanity- very perceptive! depression is rampant in northern climes, and we have a high suicide rate. survivors know the best solution is to spend lots of time holed up with friends, keep warm, eat lots of comfort food (and beverages; i find wine particularly comforting), and be very busy.
pets - aside from husky dogs, pets don't like the cold much either. some pets will refuse to go outside to do their business, and decide to dump anywhere that's not their favorite place to curl up in a sunbeam. sales of cute little sweaters and jackets and hats and booties are good up here, for taking Fifi for her walk. the guppies don't seem to mind winter, though.... for a while i had 4 huge (the size of dinner plates, each between 15 & 25 years old) mississippi red slider turtles that had free range of the house in winter. they spent alternate days in the bathtub under a heat lamp. in summer they had a pen in the yard with a pond and access to the greenhouse.
the funny thing about northern alberta is, we get more sunshine than just about anybody. there's just no heat in it in these temps. thanks for the good wishes.

su - thanks; i've always liked my nose. you're no stranger to winter. i could like it better if it weren't so &!#* cold here. Halifax, i think, would be a good city to live in.... it's on my list of places to get to know. vibrant arts and writing and music happening there... and it's on the sea, which i love. and lots of fiddlers. i wouldn't be considered such an eccentric there, i think. if good wishes can affect the climate, i think it's warming already.... can't last forever..... can it?

sera - in the middle of June we have almost constant daylight, it's fabulous! i had my house warming party on the summer solistice, and we went all night - it never got dark! but in the dead of winter, around Christmas, there's very little sunlight.... not as bad as further north, but still grey enough to be depressing, if one is prone to that sort of thing.

Utah Savage said...

Northofsanity is an interesting idea. I have a time or two thought of selling out down here and moving to Canada. But the comfort of friends and a paid for house keep me stuck.

Thanks for your visit.

gfid said...

savage - comfort is no small thing, nor a paid for house. the blog name comes from an idea i have for locally produced goods - most local consumers argue that they CAN'T buy locally; it's impossible to produce all the food, etc we need locally. they're very mistaken, but they think i'm crazy to even suggest it... and they're unwilling to pay what things are really worth here.

lindsaylobe said...

Sounds like a good idea! You will be pleased to know we received our first half decent rains since December last and consequently the bush fire threat is over for this season.
Best wishes

Gary said...

I hear you. It's warming up here and spring arrives before you see it, but I have the under-the-comforter feeling most mornings. At least it's brighter now.

Love the snow person.

clairesgarden said...

brr, here I was complaining about the weather here......
hope it gets warmer for you soon!!

linda said...

hi you poor freezing woman...i do not know how...

anyway, i couldn't find your email here so wanted to tell you that my blog is now private so if you want to, pop over to my profile by clicking on the lovely tulip, and send me an email to the gmail listed there. I would be thrilled to see you again...when you come out from under the duvets that is....sheesh!!

sending you warm breezes and sunshine!

gfid said...

lindsay - praise be for spring rains!!!! or fall rains, i guess in your case. i AM very glad to hear it. i think in your place, i'd be out dancing in the rain with a huge grin on my face. ....the cold continues here.... i'm sick to death of it.

gary - if it weren't for the excitement of starting the ReStore, i'd have a hard time making myself face the day.... blah. yes, the longer hours of daylight are manna for my starving soul..... but green is what i need. seems like it will never come.

claire - post more pictures of your garden! don't make me beg....

linda - nice to hear from you! i've tried, as you said, but get no email/link info.... just a 'you're not invited' notice, which makes me very sad. i thought i had my email somewhere.... will check.... but, for now, i'll put it here for you

i'm @

Seraphine said...

what kind of clothes would you design for the snowman?
perhaps a coat with puff insulation?
a vegetable crisper would make a nice accessory.
and snow boots?

clairesgarden said...


gfid said...

sera - or maybe we could go minimalist.... a great scarf and hat, and some provocative buttons. i like the veggie crisper idea.... accessories are so important.

claire - you're an angel