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Saturday, March 28, 2009

coming through pine pass, March 28

i had an offer, on very short notice, to catch a ride with a friend who was making a business trip to Prince George, British Columbia late this week. as there's a ReStore there i wanted to check out, i threw some paperwork in a duffel bag, grabbed my camera, a change of clothes and a toothbrush, and blasted off! chatted with the ReStore's assistant manager, hung out for a while @ PG's terrific library catching up on some favorite mags, had a great supper, with Guinness on tap at the pub around the corner from the hotel where we stayed, and discovered an incredible pianist entertaining in the lounge next to it, which we closed down. all-in-all, a really great trip.... but it's 6 hours one way, so the driving's a bit of a grind. this was taken near the summit of Pine Pass, coming home through the Rocky Mountains. the spring melt begins to seep through the rock cliffs, and freezes like glacial stalactites. there were even pussy willows beginning to peep out here and there, in protected hollows.... but none at home yet.


jozien said...

Hi gfid!
What a beautiful sight! i wonder what kind of emotion is seeping through and flowing out of this rock.
I love trips like that, and then getting a bonus gift, the music.

susan said...

I'm very impressed at the spontaneous quality you show when offered a challenge or an opportunity. You're a true musician in life as well as art.

That's indeed a magnificent shot and I wish I'd been there to share the sight with you.. dinner too.

Seraphine said...

going on spontaneous road trips (even short ones) is great fun.
of course, when the snow melts and water runs under the highway, you get those wonderful frost heaves in the pavement.
but heyyy... what fun is life without a couple of bumps along the way?

susan said...

I remember the IS95 corridor between Boston and NYC at this time of year and the axle breakers where entire hunks of the highway wash out with the spring thaw. That was exciting.

I just noticed your post is titled April 28. Are you living in the future and if so, do you have any good stock tips? Does anyone?

Cicero Sings said...

Gorgeous picture!

Impromptu trips are THE best kind ... in my books anyway. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

P.G. is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from here. I have friends in Quesnel ... about an hour south of P.G., who I go to visit every now and again.

gfid said...

Jozien - yes, the mountains are beautiful any time of year -even when you're aching for spring - maybe the mountains are aching for spring too.... and i think i could live without food longer than i could live without music.

su - spontaneous! i like that. my siblings just call me flighty. i souped up the color intensity of the photo a bit w my mac, as it was very overcast that day. ... will wait for a story in phantasythat about those axelbreakers. the date! eep! ....erm, yes, just returned from quick trip to the future. don't buy oil stocks.

sera - even the word 'spontaneous' has a joyful sound, doesn't it? one of the reasons there are so many cowboys in alberta is we're all raised in pickup trucks, and we spend our formative years riding the frost heaves like bucking broncos. yeeeee haw!

cicero - sometimes things go better if they're not minutely planned. it's beautiful country, as you show in your many photos. but PG struck me as a pretty rough town. we were right downtown. i wouldn't be walking down any alleys alone, any time of day.

gfid said...

k, i've synchronised my watch with the time you're all living in.... and corrected the date of the post. time travel can be so disorienting!

David said...

what a sight!

gfid said...

david - thanks! after checking our your "camera critters" i realize that's high praise!

clairesgarden said...

superb picture! the cold you are fed up with yes,,but the beauty must make up for it.

Gary said...

Lovely photo and fun trip! I go to PG often and really enjoy the bookstore on 5th, Spicy Green restaurant and a few other eateries. It's a rough town, but with some sweet corners.

gfid said...

claire - yes, it's beautiful, in a dangerous, heartless sort of way... sorry.... just aching for the smell of green.

gary - i did notice that there were a lot of interesting restaurants. wish i'd had more opportunity to try them. we went to Jordy's pub one night, then to North of '54, i think it was called, another... the first for $5 appies, and the second for a posh night out. both were excellent. didn't spot the bookstore, but thoroughly enjoyed the library.