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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thinking of ice

.... not wishing for more than a few chunks of it in a tall glass, but remembering it. it was very warm here today. the new pup doesn't like the heat. he has such a thick pelt, he suffers in the heat. i give him ice cubes to gnaw on, and wet his belly with cool water. i wish there was a pond i could take him to.... but must wait till he's had his second round of shots (next week) before we can go to all the good places where everyone else gets to go.

ice. i know this will demonstrate just how gauche i truly am.... but i love nearly frozen white wine on a day like today... with ice crystals thickening it... or at the very least, very well chilled wine over ice.

the images are from a pond hockey gig last winter, where the bands play in a big canvas 'beer garden' tent while the sound of skates on ice and sticks hitting pucks punctuates the rhythm of the music. i couldn't resist getting a picture of this fellow playing hockey in a cowboy hat in -15 or 20 C.

i'm not a hockey fan at all, but i love the pond hockey event. it's all about community and outdoor activity and celebrating life in the dead of the coldest month of the year (february)


Cicero Sings said...

The dogs sure don't like the heat ... my little guy neither. We go for our walks early in the day, before things heat up too much.

gfid said...

cicero - yes, i guess hot weather is hard on anyone with a fur coat on. poor little guys. i guess Mingus isn't even a breed that you could trim back alot either.

Seraphine said...

i grew up in ice and frankly i don't care if i never see ice again.
except, as you say, in a glass.

rubbing cool water on bare bellies sounds almost pornographic.

the whole of north america seems to be sweltering this summer. everywhere but here in the san francisco bay area. there is a 2000 ft. marine layer between us and the sun. today we were lucky to get 70 degrees even after the high "fog" lifted.
my tomatoes won't ripen.
and by 8pm, jackets and sweatshirts start appearing.

i'm not complaining though.

gfid said...

sera - i'm looking for somewhere w more moderate winters to spend my latter years. ...bare puppy bellies are something like bare baby bums.... it's innocent porn. (oxymoron?) blessings on your tomatos, and enjoy long walks in the cool evenings with your favorite jacket on.

susan said...

The interesting thing about places with cold winters is that you often do end up getting better acquainted with the neighbors. That looks like some of the events I remember happening in winter on the lake next to where I grew up.

I hope Maestro is more comfortable soon.. or at least able to go to the better ponds.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Gfid
Lots of interesting images.
Frozen white wine with swirling icles doesn’t sound too bizarre to me although my stomach protests me drinking icy fluid on hot days. I have no doubt the pup is soon in for real treat – in your new red sports kayak out on the water – in a natural habitat fit for all humanity with the master who has lived well in nauure's presence.
Best wishes

Gary said...

Nice. I'm going to put some tiny blocks into my scotch glass later :)

clairesgarden said...

we had the coldest winter I have ever experienced this year. the cold wasn't too bad as it the days were dry and sunny sometimes. better than the cold and wet it usually is. the cats didn't like it much....puppy would have had a great time in the snow as long as paws were warmed up after.
I have never had ice in sounds very civilised.

gfid said...

su - i'm looking forward to glasses of wine by the fire this winter, with some of the new neighbor / friends i've made so far. puppy in ponds still on hold - must wait another 2 weeks AFTER the shots. drat.

lindsay - i'm SO looking forward to taking puppy out on the lake in my 'red sports kayak'. zee has dubbed her 'red hot mama'.

gary - a toast - to chunks of winter swirling in chilled glasses sweating in the summer heat, and to their most delightful contents.

claire - a dry scottish winter?! something you'll be able to tell the grandkids about, and they'll say, 'aw, gran!' in disbelief. puppy's mum loves the snow, and with all that thick curly hair, i'm confident he will too. then lay in front of the fire to warm his paddy paws.... did you know portuguese water dogs have webbed feet?